4 things freelancers can relate to!

Whether you are a full-time freelancer, a part-time freelancer, or an occasional freelancer, you might have experienced one of the following situations!

4 things freelancers can relate to


  1. Beating deadlines: with every freelance job comes a deadline attached to it; with every freelance job comes a specific time you need to deliver the job. Deadlines are inherent in freelancing, and you need to work with them and ensure that you beat them. When a client sees that a freelancer doesn’t often keep to the agreed time, he/she might not be interested in hiring that freelancer next time.  If you also deliver your jobs before the deadline, it can add to your freelance business credibility, and help with building your reputation. And so, ensure that you deliver your jobs before the deadline.
  2. Freelancers pitch: as a freelancer, by now, you should be familiar with the fact that you need to pitch your freelance business or service to prospective clients. You need to be able to tell people without confusing them, that you are a freelancer, and that you can help them with this or that. In addition, sometimes, you may need to deliver effective freelance pitches to get more clients.
  3. Describing your type of work to those who are not familiar with freelancing: sometimes freelancers experience this, especially for those who are full-time freelancers, there might be times you may need to explain to people what you do and how you work or what freelancing is about. Not everyone might be familiar with freelancing, and so, endeavour to explain to them without confusing them!  Be patient and explain to them carefully.
  4. Negotiating: freelancers most times have to negotiate with clients on money to be paid the clients, terms of descriptions, and so on. Negotiation is important in business, and a freelancer, you are most times faced with the need to negotiate with clients and prospective clients about a job. Whether online or offline, freelancers negotiate a lot. And so, you may ned to fine-tune your negotiating skills.

What other things do you think freelancers experience? Share with us in the comment box below!

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