A while back, we asked some of our followers on our Instagram page to name a challenge they face in their freelance business, and one of the things mentioned was getting affordable training.


And so, this article is written for those who need affordable or free online training for their freelance career.

As a freelancer, one of the things you need to do is train and retrain yourself and learn more about things beneficial to your freelance career.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of websites you can learn from for free! For some of these websites, you can get a certificate for your training online, but you will have to pay for the certificate.

Note that this is the first part of the article, the concluding part will be posted next week on the website.

In addition, some of the websites are self-paced, while some take place within a certain period which will be specified in the details of the course you want to take.

  1. EdX: on EdX you can learn a whole lot of things from different universities across the world, for free. Some courses are self-paced, while others have specific durations for you to take them. You can learn courses on English Composition, Project Management, Introduction to Music Business, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, How to Write a Novel, and so on. You just have to choose the course you want to learn about. Most of the courses on EdX are free but if you want a certificate after you have finished taking a particular course, then you will pay for a certificate.
  2. CourseBuffet: here, you can access lots of free online courses from different universities in the world. CourseBuffet is an online catalog of free online courses. By just doing a keyword search of the topic you would like to learn about, you will get search results for courses in that area.
  3. Code Academy: at Code Academy, you can easily learn how to code for free. There are so many topics you can learn about such as learning HTML & CSS, learning to make a website, etc.
  4. Hub Spot Academy: one of the courses we love at Hub Spot Academy is Inbound Marketing. At Hub Spot Academy, you can learn a lot about marketing and topics like Content Marketing for free. The course contents are well-detailed, and you get a digital certificate (for free) after you successfully completed the course and the exam. You can even add the certificate to your LinkedIn profile or website.
  5. MIT courseware: here you have access to course materials from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The course materials are online are available for everyone to download and study.
  6. Duolingo: on Duolingo, you can learn different languages for free. One of the interesting things about Duolingo is that on the platform, learning is any language is fun and engaging. You can learn French, Spanish, etc.
  7. Chesscademy: on this website, you can learn to play chess for free! There are lots of videos, games, exercises, puzzles, and so on to help you with your learning of chess.
  8. MOOC List: MOOC simply means a Massive Open Online Course. MOOC courses are open and can be freely accessed by anyone. MOOC List website is like a directory for people to find MOOCs.
  9. Justin Guitar: for those who want guitar lessons, this website is for you. You can learn guitar lessons for free with a wide-range of topics and stages to choose from.
  10. GCF Learn free: on this website, you can learn so many topics for free. You can learn Microsoft Word, Maths, Email Basics, Digital Photography, Beginning Graphic Design, etc.

Let’s hear from you! What are other websites people can learn something online for free? Kindly share with us in the comment box below!



  1. An excellent list, thank you for sharing! I’ve been using iTunesU for quite a while, but its collections are not being updated frequently enough.


  2. It was great of you to give this list. I particularly liked the idea of learning content marketing and will therefore head over to Hubspot Academy. Personally, I have learnt on coursera.com, alison.com and yali.state.gov. for different courses in marketing, human rights and digital technology


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