Practical Ways to Master your Craft and Earn more

Practical Ways to Master your Craft and Earn more

As I pointed out in my previous post, most newbie African freelancers are going into writing boasting of newness and ineptitude. Their grammar is bad, they have poor sentence structure and little or no authority in the niches they purport to write in. They even ask for hefty payments for their work! 

English natives, on the other hand, take their time learning and mastering the craft before they can start marketing themselves. The result is that they end up earning highly and outsourcing us to do odd jobs for them at low fees. We can change this narrative. How?

  1. Collaborate

We can form an African platform where we write content in our native languages and sell it to our African companies. Yes, African companies are also appreciating the value of online content marketing and the returns that can be gained from the exercise. Kenya’s MPesa, for example, would love to have Swahili online content written on its website. South Africa’s BidorBuy would appreciate having Zulu content written on its site. Nigeria’s Okada books or Jumia would love to have content written in Ibo language.

  1. Blog Consistently

I will never undervalue the importance of my first blog where I learnt the importance of audience engagement, consistency in writing and working around the Google blogger platform. In blogging, writers hone their writing skills and gradually become authorities in particular niches.

  1. Sell Articles in Newbie Friendly Marketplaces

I have been writing and selling my articles on a site called writelearnearn (WLE) where writers write about anything content-worthy and get paid for their efforts. At WLE, there are editors who advise newbies on the hottest topics to write about and how to edit their works to be more marketable. Once a newbie has written and earned a few bucks on WLE, they can move ahead and go to other sites since they will have mastered online writing.

  1. Learn all You can earn from Oldies in the Trade

When I started freelancing in 2013, knowledge in online writing was so scarce. Those who had it were either giving it at a fee or were too selfish to share it. Those who lacked it, on the other hand, were afraid to ask for it lest they looked ‘uncool’. Things are looking up today. Information about online writing is everywhere on blogs, free webinars, and social media. As a newbie, all you need to do is talk to an old hand in the trade and ask them to train you.


As freelancers, we need to master our niches, doing that, we will not be where we are, come 2020. I belong to these three Facebook groups that promise to be of adequate help to internet marketers, transcribers and complete newbies in. You can join the groups them here and actively take part in the discussions as well as in the recommendations given.

Newbies Writing, Learning and Earning:

Awesome Transcribers in Kenya:

2017 Internet Marketing Challenge:


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