Always autograph your works with excellence – Akpo Uyeh

Hello, African freelancers!

Today, we bring to you another interesting interview with an African freelancer, Akpo Patricia Uyeh.

Akpo Patricia Uyeh is a prolific writer and a geographical researcher. She writes for one of Africa’s leading website, and in this interview, she gives us tips on how to write and freelance better.

Enjoy our interview with her!

1. Can you introduce yourself to us?

I’m Akpo Patricia Uyeh. An indigene of Delta state in Nigeria. A blogger and freelance writer by calling, a geographical researcher by training. I have a B. Sc degree in Geography and an M. Sc in Regional Planning and Development. The things that interest me include writing, reading, travelling and music. I’m a lover of sunshine, very expressive and purpose-driven.

Always autograph your works with excellence - Akpo Uyeh
Akpo Uyeh

2. How long have you been writing?

I have been writing since childhood. I would tear my exercise books to write my own story books then but officially, I would say writing started off for me in 2012 when I opened my blog.

3. How long have you been freelancing?

I ventured into freelancing in 2014 through platforms like Elance, Freelancer….

4. In the course of your freelancing, what are some of the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

I have encountered several challenges in the course of freelancing chiefly among them are:
Power: I have had to look for alternative sources of power or other friendly devices to work with in case of failure from one device.

Writing winning proposals: I tend to go the extra mile promising clients of excellent delivery and allowing my portfolio speak for me.

Meeting deadlines: as much as it’s stressful, it stimulates me to get the work done well and on time.

Payment: Sometimes, one gets underpaid but it is not the motivating factor. The issue is that for international jobs at times getting the payment across might be stressful but thankfully more options are springing up.

What are your favourite tools for working?

I use Blogger, Grammarly, and Google.

6. Tell us about your blog.

Omote Ro Dhe(my blog) is a hobby that turned into passion. I started blogging by chance or let me say it was an afterthought. I needed a space to express myself better and my blog helped solved that. My blog is more about my life experiences, thoughts, opinions, and discoveries. It is intended to be witty and relatable.

Always autograph your works with excellence - Akpo Uyeh

7. How do you motivate yourself to write?

I try to draw in from my new experiences, people around, happenings, other blogs, everyday occurrences, and music generally.

8. What is something you’ve learnt about freelancing that others can learn also from?

I think allowing your work to speak for you. I always tell myself to autograph my works with excellence because they are like my self-portrait. Another thing is to have a winning edge that separates you from other freelancers.

9. Tell us about one of your works/write-ups you consider as your favourite.

Well…. I have several but there is a particular one (10 lessons from my mum’s poultry farm). I was in the poultry observing and the idea of turning the experiences of the fowls to real life situations occurred to me. It was a very deep and inspirational message.

10. What is your best writing tip?

I strive to be original to have my own voice. At times your client may want otherwise then you might have to follow suit. However, originality is key to me.

11. What is your best freelancing tip?

Always autograph your works with excellence. Join freelancing groups on social media and learn from people. Lastly use social media to your advantage.

12. What advice would you give to a budding freelancer or a writer?

Believe in God. Believe in yourself. Stay focused. Find your voice as well as your niche. Strive for excellence and remember persistence pays.


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