It might interest you to know that people get lots of freelance jobs on social media. In fact, I have gotten several freelance gigs on social media.

5 Unique Ways you can get Freelance Jobs on Social Media

How is this so?

One of the things you can do in this case is to research, and not just research, but be creative with your search.

In this article, I will be sharing 5 practical ways you can get freelance jobs on social media.

Here are some of them:

  1. Instagram: specifically, Instagram hashtags. I have gotten several freelance writing jobs in different parts of the world with my Instagram searches using Instagram hashtags. Some of the hashtags you can search for in the Instagram tags category are #writersneeded #writerswanted #vacancies #hiring #bloggerswanted and so on, in the tags section. Also, another way you can search for freelance jobs is to keep up with companies you would like to work with via Instagram. Sometimes, some of these companies put up advertorials on their Instagram pages or on their other social media pages. You can also look out for freelances jobs on such social media profiles.
  2. Twitter: another way you can also look out for freelance jobs is by conducting a search on Twitter. For instance, with hashtags like #writersneeded #writerswanted #freelancewriters etc. you can find freelance jobs advertorials on Twitter.
  3. Forums: I have also found that one can get freelance jobs on credible online forums. One of such forums that I have gotten freelance jobs on is Nairaland. Nairaland is a Nigerian website that allows users to participate and share thoughts on different issues. It is a forum, and there are different sections for different topics. On Nairaland, there is a section for jobs and there so many job advertorials and job related articles are posted. And on Nairaland, you can get so many freelance jobs.
  4. LinkedIn: depending on how you conduct your search, and the LinkedIn profiles you follow, you will also find so many remote job advertorials as well as full-time job advertorials too.
  5. Facebook Groups: I have also seen lots of freelance job advertorials on Facebook Groups that are about writing, freelancers, article writers, graphic design, and so on. On such groups, you will see different job advertorials and useful articles on freelance writing or article writers, graphic design, etc. when you become a member of such groups. An example of such groups is ‘African Freelancers’ Facebook group.


Do you know other ways one can get freelance jobs on social media? Kindly share with us in the comment section below!

Posted by:Ayishat Amoo

Ayishat Amoo is a Christ follower who is passionate about spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ all over the world. She is also a passionate writer, an encourager, an avid reader, and a fashion enthusiast. In addition, she likes motivating people through her articles. She is a graduate of Mass Communication and she writes for magazines and websites. You can check her portfolio at

2 replies on “5 Unique Ways you can get Freelance Jobs on Social Media

  1. I have also been going through Reddit and I have found out that you can get writing jobs there. Just sign up and search for ‘writingopportunities’ sub reddit and read about the writing jobs on offer.


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