Don’t put out Substandard Work when you are Working Pro bono – Tuke Morgan

Hello, African freelancers!

Like we normally do on this website, we bring to you stories that can motivate and inspire your freelance career. Today, we bring to you an enlightening interview with the renowned Tuke Morgan; a Saxophonist, Lifestyle Blogger, Award Winning Food Photographer, Writer, and Content Creator.

Enjoy our interview with her, you don’t want to miss the tips she gave!

  1. Can you introduce yourself to us?

Hello, My name is Adetuke Morgan. I’m a Graduate of Economics from the University of Nottingham, UK, however, I don’t work in my field of study. I am a Saxophonist, Lifestyle Blogger, Award Winning Food Photographer, Writer, Content Creator, Natural Hair Rocker, Food & Theatre Lover with wanderlust who enjoys acting, modeling and doing voice-overs.

Don’t put out Substandard Work when you are Working Pro bono - Tuke Morgan
Tuke Morgan
  1. How long have you been writing?

I started writing in a journal every day in late 2007

  1. How long have you been freelancing?

The first article I got paid for went up on the Brand’s Website on March 22nd, 2015, so almost 2 years.

  1. In the course of your freelancing, what are some of the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

I wrote 5 articles every month for a brand for about 5 months. The first 2 months were great as I received payment promptly. By the third month, there were delays and it took about 5 months for me to receive what I was owed. I don’t know if it was the fault of the brand or the fault of their digital agency but I am glad that wasn’t my sole source of income. I had to follow up and send loads of reminder emails before the payment was received.

Tuke Morgan


  1. What are your favourite tools for working?

Microsoft word, Google Docs, Dropbox & Adobe Lightroom

  1. Tell us about your blog

It is a lifestyle blog that I started on the 8th of February 2014. It is an online journal/scrapbook where I write about my experiences and share pictures & tips in a conversational and relatable manner. Through this platform, I have worked with various indigenous and international brands to create campaigns that influence my readers to make decisions about beauty, events, style, music, food and hair. I love my blog and the opportunities it has brought my way.

  1. How do you motivate yourself to write?

A lot of my readers and followers motivate me when they send random emails or see me in public and show excitement and genuine happiness. I am also motivated by the drive to succeed and leave a legacy, other people’s achievements and listening to empowering and encouraging music and messages. Hanging out and talking to people in my industry, hearing about their challenges and how they have overcome them also motivates me as I know things can only get better.

  1. What is something you’ve learnt about freelancing that others can learn also from?

Don’t burn bridges even when you are treated unfairly. Also, don’t put out substandard work when you are working pro bono. Your articles are a way of selling your market so let the quality be high at all times.

Tuke Morgan


  1. Tell us about one of your works/write-ups you consider as your favourite.

I only publish articles I am happy with so I am proud to show off all my write-ups in the features section of my blog. I am particularly proud of the #JoziWithGoogle series on Bella Naija as I was churning out articles every night for 6 nights with high-quality images which I sometimes edited after an intense day of activities. It wasn’t easy as I was writing while others were sleeping or partying but I was determined to do justice to that opportunity.

  1. What is your best writing tip?

Hit Publish. I heard this phrase from Okechukwu Ofili at a writer’s workshop at Protea Hotel in April 2014. He said even if you are scared of what the reaction to your article will be, or you are not sure if it is good enough, still publish it because the feedback and experience can only help you get better.

Tuke Morgan

  1. What is your best freelancing tip?

Don’t look down on anyone you meet, you never know where your next job or opportunity will come from. Don’t procrastinate, be disciplined enough to meet your deadlines.

  1. What advice would you give to a budding freelancer or a writer?

Don’t give up, Keep Hope Alive

Don’t compromise on quality

Accept criticism

Contribute to bigger platforms to get publicity for your work and feedback too

Talk to other writers & freelancers about their journey and learn from their experiences



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