Don’t be afraid to take on a challenge no matter how big it looks – Ikechukwu Nwosu

Hello, African freelancers!

Today, we bring to you another exciting interview session with a freelancer! We had an interview with IK Nwosu, an author, and a content developer.

IK Nwosu is the author of Catalysts: Change Agents, and he writes for one of Africa’s leading lifestyle website.

  1. Can you introduce yourself to us?

My name is IK Nwosu. I’m the author of one book – Catalysts: Change Agents – and a written content developer a.k.a Writer. Other times I’m a multi-instrumentalist and a rookie actor. I have a Bachelors degree in Health Education from the prestigious University of Benin.

Don't be afraid to take on a challenge no matter how big it looks - Ikechukwu Nwosu
Ikechukwu Nwosu
  1. How long have you been writing?

Since when I could hold a pen. LOL. Well, I was very good in English Language essays and stories back in High School. You can ask my teachers. Funny thing is, I started writing my first book in 2009 and that was my first attempt at writing. I was trying to write an article but it just didn’t stop. So I kept inking the thoughts as they came, and the rest became history.

  1. How long have you been freelancing?

Professionally, for about a year. But I’ve been doing freelance writing jobs for people without pay, or sometimes they pay in kind – lunch, e.t.c.

  1. In the course of your freelancing, what are some of the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

Sometimes the ideas just refuse to come. That’s the number one challenge. So what I do is read a couple of stuff on the said topic, and ask for people’s opinions. In the end, I’ll have something to begin with. Another thing to note is that writers MUST continue to read, and read wide. Don’t just read about writing, read about economics, physics, philosophy, relationships, e.t.c.



  1. What are your favourite tools for working?

Laptop, phone, internet. I also use an app – Grammarly to call my attention to typos. I don’t consider them as tools; but people are of immense help while working.

Don't be afraid to take on a challenge no matter how big it looks - Ikechukwu Nwosu
Ikechukwu Nwosu
  1. Tell us about your works.

I freelance mainly on business and personal development writing because it comes easy to me or because that’s what I’m passionate about. As a writer, I’ve written poems and proses.

  1. How do you motivate yourself to write?

Very simple. By starting to write. I don’t know if this works for all writers, but for me, opening the writing app and putting my hands on the keys is enough motivation to write. On a lighter note, thinking about the money is also a great source of motivation.

  1. What is something you’ve learnt about freelancing that others can also learn from?

Think like a business person. Deliver the work as and when due.

  1. Tell us about one of your works you consider as your favourite.

This is a really difficult question. It’s like asking a woman which one of her children is her favourite. Let me try and answer. I wrote a piece titled “Prepare for Glory”. It basically underscores the importance of being ready for the spotlight when it shines on you. Like, if you say you are a singer, will you be able to deliver an amazing performance at the Grammys with just 3 days notice? If the spotlight is ready for you, will you be ready for it? Here’s why I chose it. I shared it on Twitter a couple of years ago and tagged Fela Durotoye, foremost motivational speaker and management consultant. He clicked on the link, read it, and came back to retweet the post, adding “Highly Recommend”. That singular act motivated me and told me that I’m doing this thing right.


Don't be afraid to take on a challenge no matter how big it looks - Ikechukwu Nwosu

  1. What is your best writing tip?

Read more, and write more (no matter how useless or irrelevant you think the piece may be, just write it).

  1. What is your best freelancing tip?

In addition to the response to number 10 above, make sure you surpass customer expectations and deliver on or before the scheduled time. Basically, under-promise and overdeliver.

  1. What advice would you give to a budding freelancer or writer?

If you know you are a writer, also know that you have the capacity to create the future you so desire. Keep writing, keep reading, and don’t be afraid to take on a challenge no matter how big it looks.


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