12 Ways Freelancers can get More Clients

“How can I get more clients?”

This is perhaps one of the most asked questions by freelancers all over the world.

12 Ways Freelancers can get More Clients

Getting clients as a freelancer is one of the important things in someone’s freelance business.

Bills have got to be paid. We need to get paid for what we love doing, we need people to appreciate the good work we do for them or their business, and so on.

Therefore, for those who would like to know how to get more freelance clients, here are 12 ways freelancers can get clients:

  1. What is your niche: one of the ways you can get more clients is to clearly identify your niche. What is your niche? What is that area you are good at writing that you write better than other areas? Even if you don’t know your niche yet, you can look at those subject matters or kind of topics you naturally write on and write well on.
  2. Social Media: social media is one of the ways freelancers can get clients in this era. When you take out the time to brand yourself on social media and let people know who you are and what you do, and how you can be of help to them, you might get more clients. We once published a post about how freelancers can get freelance jobs on social media, and we listed out the different ways in very practical terms, freelancers can get clients, you can read the post by clicking here.
  3. Contacts: another way you can get more clients is by looking at your old contacts, past clients you have worked with before now and checking up on them to know if they need your services or if they can refer you to other people who they think might need your services.
  4. Friends and Families: you never can tell who among your friends or families might need your services. So you might sometimes need to ensure your friends and families know what you do and how well you do it.
  5. Volunteer Jobs: sometimes, some volunteer jobs lead to full-time jobs later on. That is why people have advised that there is need to give our best while working even though we are not being paid for it. We once interviewed Tuke Morgan and one of the advice she dished out was that freelancers shouldn’t put out substandard work when working pro bono, you can read the interview by clicking here.
  6. Attend Networking events: networking events are very useful, one of their benefits is the opportunity to meet so many people that one can easily pitch ideas to. You never can tell who might be interested in what you and what you can offer. One of the things to do when attending networking events is to ensure that you have an idea of the people that will be present at the event. In addition, you also need to ensure you have your elevator pitch handy.
  7. Brand your freelance career: your freelance career also needs to be branded; whether offline or online. Do you have a business card? A website? A professional social media profile? etc.
  8. Have a portfolio: your portfolio is one of the things that can easily get you freelance jobs. Clients and employers like to know what works the people they want to employ have done in the past. You need to carefully keep a record of your past works so that you can easily refer to them when applying for jobs. There are so many websites freelancers can use to build their portfolio, and we once wrote a very detailed post on that, you can read the post by clicking here.
  9. Hone your skills: another way you can get freelance jobs is by making sure you master your craft. This is important. When you master your craft, one of the benefits you get is getting better at what you do. Do you know there are so many websites you can learn something from for free? You can check out this post we wrote to read 10 websites to learn something from for free, read the post by clicking here. When you master your craft, the quality of your work increases and so does the market for your freelance business.
  10. Cold Pitches: another way to get more freelance clients is by sending cold pitches to websites, publications or people you might like to work with. You can research more on how to write good cold pitches online and target the right people you need to target.
  11. Politely ask clients for referrals or testimonials: you can also politely ask clients you have worked with in the past to refer you to other people who might be interrested in what you do, and who are willing to work with you.
  12. Research good job boards: emphasis on ‘good’. You need to research on job boards that are good, effective, and that people have reviewed to be good. On job boards, you will see so many freelance job listings that you can apply or bid for. You can read our post on 9 websites freelancers can get freelance jobs by clicking here.
Do you know other ways freelancers can get more clients? Kindly share them with us in the comment section below!



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