Challenging the Writer’s Block

On a totally unrelated note, I’m a feeler, a deep feeler who happens to be a doer, as well.

Maybe, just maybe, this isn’t totally unrelated to today’s post.

As I wear my headset to listen to certain songs this noon, I instantly feel a jog coming. I want, so badly, to put on my trainers (no, I don’t even have one) and go a jogging. Jogging sort of signifies motion. Progress.

Challenging the Writer's Block

These songs stir me up so much that I literally want to burst into motion. That much energy, infused into my body, through music.

Some songs, also stir up the writer in me. While some release the playful writer, many are those which release thoughts deep from my heart.

Coincidentally, I am that girl who finds it hard to express my deep emotions via speech. I think, that this is what made me try writing as an outlet for my emotions and thoughts. And me, even me, got saved through writing.

Enough, of the preamble, as we amble through the well-acclaimed writer’s block.

Writer’s block?

I dare to challenge this concept.

The way I see it, the writer’s block is a code term for the lack of inspiration to pen down beautiful material. I think it might be due to a lack of approximation between what inspires us and our sensitivity to it.

Could it be, that the line of separation between inspiration-clad days/weeks and the inspiration-less moments is created by the presence or absence of those factors which inspire us?

We can put that to test, right?

To this effect, I have a few suggestions:

1. Get specific inspiration.

For every specific genre of writing/creative art, there’s specific inspiration.

It was Newton, while postulating the first law of motion, who proposed that ‘Energy is neither created nor destroyed, but is transferred from one form to another.’

I interpret that artistically to mean that energy can be transferred from one piece of art, for example, music; to another example – writing. While a song might be appropriate for thought provoking, emotional write-ups, even stimulating words you didn’t know were welling up within you; another might be needed to align you, fine-tune your mood to write a political or even funny piece.

If you listen to music while creating stuff, try to be as specific as possible. Be open, to the specific inspiration that comes from music.

2. Write

It might be that I haven’t written long enough, but I find it hard to agree with the concept of the writer’s block and to think that it happens to everyone.

But I know a trick, however.

The trick is to write.

No, it doesn’t have to be glamorous. But as a freelance writer, the best way out of experiencing this un-anesthetic block is to write.

Even if this means you’re just going to scribble down a phrase or word, even, that catches your attention (Be warned: this is at the expense of looking like a weirdo. But really, aren’t we all specifically weird?)

That phrase possibly looks like nothing, but it just might herald your best piece yet!

You have no idea what beautiful story those scribbled notes might result into, if only, you would just write.

P.S: You aren’t the only one with that little book filled with scribbled phrases that ‘make no sense’

3. Timing

It once filtered into my ears, that the time of the day meant for writers and other creative individuals is between 3-4am.

My love for sleep will not let me ascertain how practical this is. It just might be true but for now, I stick with the daytime and early night hours.

It may be that you just haven’t found the right time for you to fashion out something beautiful from those precious scribblings.

The night time works for her, but how feasible is it, for you?

He feels refreshed and is most productive during his post-breakfast hours but do you remember how groggy you feel in the mornings- especially after breakfast?

What you might be blaming on writer’s block could be a complete disregard for the time of the day that suits you best.

The issue of writer’s block is one that is set to spark interest. If you have had any experience with it, please do share.

And if you disagree? I would like to hear from you!


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