The essence of my art is not just to capture the subject but to give a narrative of the subject. – Seun Shitta

Art is something that most people easily connect with. For someone like Seun Shitta, who started drawing at an early age, art is something he enjoys doing.

Today, we had an interesting interview with Seun Shitta of Seun Shitta Art.

Enjoy the interview.

  1. Can you introduce yourself to us?

My name is Shitta Oluwaseun Ayodeji. I was born on the 9th of September 1993 in Lagos state, Nigeria. I currently live in Lagos state with my parents. I am a degree holder in BSc. Architecture student of Covenant University, Ota. And am also furthering my education in Architecture.

My hobbies are drawing, playing football and sometimes travelling. I love to see the world from different point of views. I consider ever encounter to be a challenge, which will build me up for what is ahead.

Seun Shitta


2. How long have you been an artist?

      Going down memory lane, I always loved to draw since when I was 4-9years old. Then I stopped drawing afterwards to pursue my education.

Getting to the university, to study Architecture I came across a course that had to do with art (ARC112) and (ARC122). This ignited a spark of nostalgia from my childhood. And afterwards still date I have always been drawing. Consciously gave it my best to improve myself every day. 


3. How long have you been freelancing?

      I have been freelancing for exactly 4years now. I started in the year 2014 when I wanted to put my works out there on social media, so I could get compliments and get critiqued. You can find me on Instagram and twitter @seunshitta_art. Am also available on Facebook at Seun Shitta.

Art drawn by Seun Shitta
Art drawn by Seun Shitta


4. What are some of the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

    Honestly, I started doing it because I enjoyed seeing people comment, and like my works. Well some challenges I faced as a freelancer were:

  1. Getting my work noticed, which I am still working on.
  2. Carving out time to run the profession: while working my art I also have to create time for my architecture.
  3. Saying “No” to clients: most times clients would want you to do a job for them that requires something that you are not particular about.

5. What are your favourite tools for working?

 I use various art materials to execute my artworks. Majorly I have grown to understand that sometimes the quality of materials an artist uses can also improve his/her art coupled with the skill. These are the materials I use:

  1. The tom-bow mono zero eraser.
  2. The totillion.
  3. The needed eraser.
  4. Q-tips OR cotton wool.
  5. The Derwent graphite pencils ranging from (8H-8B)
  6. Generals charcoal pencils (Soft, medium and hard)
  7. Soft and hard brushes.
  8. Graphite and Charcoal powder.

6. Tell us about your works

The style in which I create my portraits is known as Hyper-realism. Before I even start drawing a particular person I make sure I study the subject properly so I could memorize the distinct feature that gives the subject that character. I love to draw faces. Each face tell me the individuals’ story, age, race, gender or unique features. When putting pencil to paper I start my drawings in different stages. This helps me to pay maximum attention on the stage am working on. The essence of my art is not just to capture the subject but to give a narrative of the subject. On average each drawing takes about 150 hours depending on the size of the portrait.

The essence of my art is not just to capture the subject but to give a narrative of the subject. - Seun Shitta
Art drawn by Seun Shitta
The essence of my art is not just to capture the subject but to give a narrative of the subject. - Seun Shitta
Art drawn by Seun Shitta

7. How do you motivate yourself to draw?

   I study various artist across the world. Mostly Hyper-realist artist. I try to learn from their techniques the way they use their materials. I also try to do practices to motivate myself. I also love to listen to music while drawing any portrait, it helps me to be calm and sometimes measure the tempo of the portrait.

8. What have you learnt from freelancing that others can learn from?

  The modern technology has brought the world closer to us such that it has made freelancing easier. This I see as an opportunity for anyone who is interested in freelancing. I have learnt that it’s an avenue to become an entrepreneur and to build connections with individuals across the world.

9. Which of your works would you consider your favourite?

 Honestly, I don’t have any in particular. This is because I enjoy drawing and it is difficult to measure the favourite. But if I were to pick, I would say my drawing of mother Theresa. The reason behind this is because of her personality and contribution to the world. She was a leader, mother and role model for a lot of people myself included. I read her story and I was inspired to do a portrait of her. As an appreciation and to have a connection with her personality.

10. What is your best drawing tip?

    For me art is fluid. The way an artist handles his tools is what makes it different. I like to study the subject properly as I have said before. Then I try to capture the personality of the subject as vivid as possible using my techniques.

11. What is your best freelancing tip?

    To attract clients I ensure the quality of my works is expressed. I also reach out to other potential artists for communication and connection.

The essence of my art is not just to capture the subject but to give a narrative of the subject. - Seun Shitta
Seun Shitta

 12. What advice would you give a budding freelancer or artist?

 Firstly, make sure you have study the journey of art. Make sure you have a mentor that you can learn from. This is very important. Practice your technique every day and have a mindset that you want to consciously make an improvement on a daily basis.


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