6 Simple Online Invoicing Tool you should know

How many times do we do a job for a client and he or she tells us to send an invoice, and then you think; ‘invoice ke?’

6 Simple Online Invoicing Tool you should know

Do you hear the statement ‘send an invoice’, and you think ‘oh no! no need for all these na, just send me my payment’?

We know that feeling. However, here’s the thing: invoices have a number of benefits that you cannot but notice.

What’s more, it is now very easy to create simple invoices online and simply mail them to your clients wherever they are! Online invoicing have made it easy for freelancers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and so on to send invoices to clients and customers in a stress-free and faster manner!

First, let’s get clear on some of the benefits of online invoicing.

And so, here are some of the benefits of getting into the habit of sending online invoices to clients:

  1. It is easy to use: most times, some of these online invoicing tools are easy to use and you can easily adapt to using them. On most of them, so many things and processes have been simplified for your benefits.
  2. It makes it easy to track your expenses: with online invoicing, you can easily track your expenses, as well as how much you are receiving and sending out. A good online invoicing will give you the opportunity to track your previous expenses all in one place.
  3. It is cost-effective: in addition, remember that you don’t have to spend money on papers or stationeries to get to your invoice printed. It is now way easier!
  4. Easy accessibility: you can easily go back to your previous invoices and access your invoice. In addition, your clients or customers can easily access their invoices from different places or locations.

With the above being clarified on online invoicing, here are some of best online tools you can use to create your online invoices:

  1. FreshBooks: FreshBooks help you to make your accounting easy! How many of us don’t really know much about accounting and would like an app or a tool that can take care of that for us? Have you checked out FreshBooks? FreshBrooks is simple to use with a lot of features including invoicing.
  2. Less Accounting: this is an accounting software for business owners. This accounting software can also be of us to freelancers. Less Accounting is a tool that can be used for doing your book keeping, and also send invoices to your clients.
  3. Invoicely: this is an invoicing and accounting software with a lot of features! There is the free plan, basic plan, professional plan, and enterprise plan! You can create your professional looking invoices in different languages and currencies on Invoicely! You can customize your invoices, view account statements, and so on!
  4. Harpoon: Harpoon don’t just help you with your invoice, it helps you with your different financial plans for your business. Harpoon can help you with planning your financial goals, plan revenue, and lots more! On Harpoon, there are different plans that might suit your needs. There is the Freelancer plan, the Studio plan, and the Agency plan.
  5. Simplybill: Simplybill is a tool that can help you create invoices, send them, as well as track them. Simplybill is easy to use, with a clean interface for users.
  6. Kashoo: this is another simple online accounting software business owners and freelancers can easily use for their invoicing.

Did we miss out some really good online invoicing tools? Kindly list them in the comment section below! Thank you.





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