One of the beautiful and most crucial aspects of writing that no one can stress enough is the writing voice and I think overtime, people have done justice to emphasizing the importance and crucial-depth of writing voice as it concerns any Writer/Freelancer.

It is true that being conscious of one’s writing voice, listening to it, exploring it, not stifling it and giving it life do go a long way in how effective our art becomes, how deep it runs and how good our delivery becomes but so also does Writing Medium. It is not enough that we can recognize and encourage our writing voice if we can’t decide or identify the best writing medium for it to breed, grow and manifest.

What am I saying? I’m simply saying that there’s a perfect writing medium for every writing voice. That is, there is that writing medium that when you use it to display your writing voice, the message does not only becomes perfectly delivered but also beautifully and concisely written. This is what I have learnt, that it is not only a perfect combination of grammatical nuances and observation of certain and important writing rules and regulations that makes a good writing but also the use of the right writing medium plays a cogent part in the totality of what makes a good writing.

Many weeks ago, I read a Facebook post about how it is expedient for a writer to be well-versed in virtually all forms of writing ranging from articles to fiction, poetry, screenwriting etc. and that it would be sort of foolish or let me say unwise to claim and stay in one genre of writing. As much as I saw the wisdom in that judging by the fact that the writer of the post was trying to lay emphasis on the financial gains, wisdom and opportunities that could come from buying that opinion, I think it’s not a foolish idea if a Writer/Freelancer decides to stick to employ and stick to a particular genre/medium of writing his/her works.

Let me be very clear by saying that, I am not against being good in all forms of writing. I love challenges and I encourage that we open ourselves to trying new things, sharpening old writing skills and developing new ones but I still believe that if a particular writing medium is not your thing and doesn’t bring out the best or let me say wouldn’t slay that message the way you want it to, then don’t make it your thing. If you want to try your hands on it, it’s all fine and good but there’s no harm in being a writer that employs one medium as a writing tool. One direction doesn’t suck.

Furthermore, choosing a writing medium could be based on so many reasons which could be what is convenient for the writer – that is, that medium the writer is most comfortable, what is best for the content/message and what your employer probably wants.

Do you know that I for one believe that there are certain contents that are best written as poetry than article or as short story than many thousand words or as a screenplay than article? Well, that’s my belief. But the fact remains that my feeling that way doesn’t matter if the former media are most comfortable or preferred options for the writer. Now, the fact that a particular content could have been perfect and awesome if written as a poetry than a short story doesn’t mean that it still doesn’t make sense even with the former as a medium, it simply means it could have been better if the latter medium was explored or considered.

Nonetheless, I know that a certain well-known factor seemed to be our motivation when we doggedly or blindly pursue all writing avenues which is the money-making factor. Of course, the idea is not to stay broke or remain mediocre or irrelevant but I’d keep saying that when money becomes the motivating factor 99% of the time, man possesses the tendency to be desperate, every other thing that should matter will no longer matter and avenues that should have never been explored will become ‘explorable.’ I can name notable writers who had stuck to a particular medium which hasn’t only brought them fame but also money to pay their bills and I feel that if tomorrow they decide to explore other writing media, it wouldn’t be for the money but for the desire to explore. Man can explore for different reasons but let it always be for the passion first before the money.

It will be a betrayal on our part if we don’t trust our medium enough to lead us to where we want to be and where we never thought we could be. All I’m saying is, trust your medium and when considering a medium, consider your story before going for your comfort zone and if there be any opportunity to try your hands on new writing media, don’t hesitate to if you feel like it and you are up for it.


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