Why you Need to Give Every Project your Best!

Some conversations can be painful; like outrightly painful! Usually, these are an offshoot of lack of interest or attention from one or both parties.

Have you ever been on the receiving/giving end of such a conversation? Almost all of us have.

Same can be said of freelancing, and I for one, have discovered, that whilst for instance, writing; if I am detached from the subject of my conversation, it would become obvious, both to myself and to the prospective reader. Literally, if I had to go over that work, I would trail off at exactly the same point I had lost interest.

To what extent I was able to maintain interest, is the same level to which I would be able to maintain the interest of my readers.

So no, you don’t get to write with indifference, draw with indifference, deliver your projects with indifference. Whatever it is you do, you don’t get to do so with any iota of indifference. Complete involvement; this is what is required.

Innumerable times, I have experienced that feeling of being so involved in the project, that I couldn’t even look up for more than 5 minutes at a time, nor could I stand up to get some food or a drink. I absolutely wanted to pour it all out as the inspiration was given. It is indeed an awesome feeling.

I have also been at the other end of the park. How about when deadlines are knocking fervently on your seemingly impermeable door, begging for entrance in only a few hours? After a probably busy day, all I would probably be considering is how to get this project out of the way. You would probably agree with me that it’s definitely harder to be inspired under such circumstances; consequently, immersion is harder.

I would like to give a suggestion.

At this juncture, take a break. Yes, you heard me. Even if it’s a 15minutes break to stroll around, or to get a cold drink, please just do it. For the sake of the picture you’re trying to paint- literally or figuratively, take a break.

Believe me, it’s truly evident when the flow of a piece is lost or absent, and like a partner who is no longer listening, it only takes a little bit of care to notice. As a freelancer, it’s advisable to always maintain that flow.

Simple tips which I’d suggest include:

Plan Your Time

It’s definitely most advisable to tailor your jobs to fit into your schedule, so you can sit down and deliver an excellent job. There’s this chill that runs down my spine when I’m absolutely convinced that I have done an excellent job. But when I haven’t? No good chills, none at all. Only fear, and mild disinterest; because I am not convinced I have put in my best.

Why you Need to Give Every Project your Best!

Get into the flow

If you have to read about cerebral palsy to be able to work excellently well on a piece on it, please do so. Does your current job require a working knowledge of software engineering? Then so be it. Read about software engineering- even if it’s the simplest book on the subject matter. What I am trying to say, in essence, is that the quality of your work is directly proportional to your knowledge base on that topic; and the broader your knowledge base, the better your flow.

The flow is also inclusive of the entire mood of the story/writing./painting. What are you supposed to project? A chatty scene? A serene atmosphere? A moody/emotional piece? To deliver beautifully, I have observed that at times, I have had to work myself into the most appropriate mood for that piece.

Take a break

I know this is coming up once again, but sometimes; our deadlines can be so choking that we simply think we do not deserve a break. The truth is, however, that productivity can be enhanced by taking breaks -seeing as that could provide us with fresher perspectives.

Why you Need to Give Every Project your Best!
How committed are you to making your freelance career work? I hope you are as, I am, this month. 


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