Want to Freelance Across Multiple Fields? Then you should Read this!

TRUST ME ON THIS ONE, I am an avid believer in focus. 

Focus as in unbroken concentration- never leaving a job undone or half-done, being wise enough to understand that when you dabble into so many things at the same time, what you are likely to end up with is the sullen discovery that you have spent massive amounts of energy and time across board- and mostly on unprofitable ventures. Thus, I am, truly a believer in the concept of focus.

But sometimes, we allow our most useful skills to die slow, we sometimes fail to unravel other parts of ourselves once we discover one seemingly interesting part and have become comfortable with the knowledge of that part. And can I say, the familiar is a soothing place to be.

Sometimes, it seems almost shocking; and a sense of ‘unfairness’ settles upon us which leads to our asking such questions as:

‘How can I be good at so many things?’

‘Is it even possible to be good at so many things?’

We can even convince ourselves that one horned skill is enough, multiple creative talents are problems too many for us to solve.

However, to do other things is not to become less effective at the peculiar skill which you have perfected yourself at.  Ever heard of the saying; if you want something done very quickly, give it to someone who is busy? It’s pretty much a true saying and especially in the creative world, there is no limit or ban on the number of creative things you could do, and do professionally as well.

The other day, I discovered that I could dabble effectively into public speaking. Permit me to blow my horn a little; but I discovered that I was almost a natural; and with only a little polishing, who knows where that would take me?

Now, let’s get a little practical here.

If you freelance, make a list of what you do well; professionally even. Done?


Now, make a list of what you CAN do, what you might have been told- playfully even; that you could do with ease. Write as many as you can. Have you?

Next, try to tick at least one thing off that list, today- probably the one which strikes you the most.

I think I’ve been around the block a few times to be able to aptly observe some things, chief of which being that the most talented individuals seem to be the ones who got easily discouraged and disheartened.

Want to Freelance Across Multiple Fields? Then you should Read this!

Now, isn’t that just sad?

The ones who can do the most, achieve the most; if nudged in the right direction, are those who feel most easily downcast or forsaken- and I find it to be ironic, yet relevant.

Also, being an avid believer in perfecting one skill before cloaking yourself around another, I might have to bend this rule a bit to accommodate the fact that the future is pregnant with even those things you didn’t know were there, and that time and tide waits for no man, so who knows how long the perfecting of that skill would take?

As well, who know when time and chance would present an opportunity for one remote talent embedded in you if you don’t choose to, or aim to; fish it out, and NOW?

There are differing avenues through which you can freelance; and if it’s in you, it has been placed there, uniquely for a purpose, right?

However, I must sound a note of warning, the type that is passed from one freelancer to the next; that if you would do freelancing across multiple fields, it might result in you being either lauded or not; and it all boils down to how responsible you choose to be. In fact, I wouldn’t advise you to take on more than one avenue of freelancing if you cannot up your responsibility because to be creative, is to be responsible.

Indeed, your responsibility level would determine if you can hold your own across two or more fortes and I dare ask, are you ready for this challenge?

You choose!


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