Ever Felt a Disconnect between you and your Work? Read this.

The thing, with storytelling- as with other forms of art, is its un-intending effect upon consumers of literature (and other forms of art).

In the undecidedly cunning manner of art, people are bound to lower their guards and allow themselves to experience what they perceive to be something exterior; that is, the lives of others being projected through art. In effect, art allows us into the experiences of others, amply making us forget that as they experience it, so do we. Thus, natural defenses are lowered, and immunity to penetrating ideas, lost.

But all of these; all of these heart-rending shaping, is only possible if we experience our art. It is the feelings which we allow ourselves feel when we shape our art; that is the feeling which we eventually project unto our readers, the experience which we eventually make them have.

And so, you ask, how do I experience my art?

Your voice should be loudest where your heart beats the fastest

Pass across a strong message. If what you speak is in tandem with your heart’s message, you will be putting money on the right horse; that is, you will have chosen the right message to champion. For no one ever won a cause he didn’t believe and stand fervently for. No one.

What do you want to write about? The effect of which is of massive importance? The demerits of child marriage? The avalanche of the male child? Oh, I don’t know what is, but that is where your money should be put on- and by money, I mean your efforts.

Don’t stop the flow

Many a time have I caught myself rationalizing, only because I do not want to tell the entire story. That story is so heavy in my heart that it possesses a force of its own, yet I am scared of putting pen to paper, or typing; for will I be able to read it without re-enacting memories I would rather have buried? Will I be able to love myself if I do not achieve what I have implied to have achieved on paper?

You can simply switch to a more humorous undertone, or to a less sordid topic or to a more amusing character, all the while maintaining the attention of your audience; those who watch you play. But only you know what you have done. You have told the half-truth, and seeing as you are the only one who can really narrate that narrative, you have left us all in the dark; agonizing.

And so I implore you not to destroy your art today. Please, let it tell its story.

Be open

If every other person has the right to be stereotyped, we can’t afford to walk in circles, believing the same old things; living the same old experiences. No. be open to questioning. Ask yourself, ask others about the ‘what ifs…’ of life, about those unanswered questions we all seem content with leaving unanswered. And when those questions have been asked, begin to explore, mildly at first; and then furiously; begin to search for those answers.



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