Reading…that great almost lost art which opens us to so many possibilities!

We all know the thing about great individuals, and leaders in almost every sphere of life, being great readers. In other words, if you would be great at something, you would be greatly benefited by taking a peek view into the lives of those who have gone ahead of you, by so doing, you can know their thought processes and learn a few things from their mistakes and strengths.

Reading affords you to learn the art from great masters of the art (whatever the art is), without having to be direct apprentices at their figurative workshops.

Bearing this in mind, today, we would be talking about 5 of the most beneficial books for freelancers.

1. Breaking The Time Barrier: Mike McDerment

First on our list of books which should furnish your shelf this season is this classic on breaking the time barrier, written by

Let’s be sincere, as a freelancer, you wish you had about 30 hours in a day because the sheer amount of work in your hands would be significantly reduced if you had more time, right?

Some of us even wish we could work non-stop, for 24 hours a day so as to meet up to our targets, but if we want to remain sane, this is not even an option. We simply have to find a way to fit our schedules and the work in our hands into these 24 hours, and at the same time, still have some spare time for other things; which is why this book is first on our list.

Its practicality as regards how the writer was able to break away from being priced by the hour; to being priced by how much work that has been invested into getting a project ready, are time-valued lessons for every struggling freelancer.

You want to work efficiently without ever having to worry about what the clock says? Then, this book is for you. Better still, it can be freely downloaded, so you don’t even have an excuse. Let’s start reading, shall we?


2. On Writing Well: William Zinsser

If you’re a freelance writer, you’d be doing yourself a huge favor by getting this classic piece! Written by William Zinsser, this book is a must read, which covers several basics in writing and also helps writers who would like to specialize in different areas of writing.

Although this book was first published over 40 years ago, it still manages to be relevant in today’s writing world.

If in particular, you are interested in writing non-fiction, this is the book for you!

3. Bird by Bird: Anne Lamott

You can immediately pick out a sense of writing still being unraveled when you pick up this exciting book written by Anne Lamott. It’s factual and doesn’t claim to possess all of the answers; which further makes it endearing to the mind of someone who is searching.

For anyone who is just venturing into the whole freelance business, freelance writing, in particular, we’d totally recommend that you read this book, for you are bound to get a lot of encouragement from it.

4. How to be a Rockstar Freelancer: Cyan and Collins Ta’eed

Every freelancer who has been in the business for a while would have faced – or is currently facing the unique problems of budget management, handling multiple clients and jobs at the same time, and possibly, a lack of steady income.

And so, this book is a must-have for every freelancer, especially anyone who needs practical advice.

            5. Using the Social Web to Find Work: Chris Brogan

With this book written by Chris Brogan, which is more of a guide; by the way, insight is provided for the freelancer, as regards finding work on the web. Of course, this is something every freelancer is interested in- because everyone wants to get paid; and so I’d suggest that you get this book, as well!

So, dear freelancer, if you would like to read a book that’ll help your freelance career this month, or whenever, do well to read any one of these books, and let us get feedback on what you think about the book(s).

We love readers!



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