In the freelance business, as in any other, the proof that your work has been appreciated, and that you have succeeded in communicating trust to your clients is that they keep coming back to you with more work which they would like you to do.

But as in all other businesses, we know that not everyone gets to keep their old clients- but that a select few do; in fact, these ones have clients who are loyal to them.

Definitely, they must be playing the right cards, I would suppose.

In this article, we would be sharing a few tips that freelancers who have their clients loyal to them use, and we hope you gain something from it, so here we go!

TIP 1: Don’t go off on a tangent

Usually, when a client gives you a job, there are instructions attached to that job. But of course, everyone has their own style of writing, and yours might not exactly be in synchrony with what a particular client wants. And so, in such an instance, what do you do?

Follow the client’s instructions. Yes, those instructions aren’t there for fun. They are there to help guide you in the direction in which the client wants his or her job to be. What does this mean? It means you have to understand your client! Assess your clientele, and when working with clients who have their instructions all spelled out, don’t try to use your creative genius to destroy the picture the client is trying to paint- after all, it’s their jobs, not yours.

If you tend towards modifying most of the instructions you’re given, or you consistently fail at providing the right kind of desired content, needless to say, you just might not have that client beckoning on you for more jobs.

TIP 2: Appreciate working with a client

You know, there’s this common saying that although talents and skills might get you to the top, attitude is what keeps you there.

There’s something totally gracious, about being sincerely appreciative of the chance to work with someone else- it really is heart-warming.

Imagine having worked with two freelancers, and while they both churn out a similar quality of work; one is courteous, and you can literally feel the eagerness to work with you which emanates from their messages. Who would you be more inclined to work with on a more consistent basis?

The thing about having to work with other individuals for a long time is that it graduates from being merely comfortable with their skill level, to be comfortable with building a long-term business relationship with them, and if this is what you’re aiming for, you have to be warm, and receptive. Don’t be too lazy to let your client know how happy you are to work with them.

TIP 3: Pitch for more job offers

Telling a client how much you would love to work with them on their next project also signifies efficiency, and that you are up to the task. Although we sometimes think this as being too forward, if it isn’t done in a pushy way, asking for more jobs puts you at the top of your clients’ minds and guess whom they’d call if they actually had another job, or if they had a friend who wanted to hire a freelancer? You, of course!

TIP 4: Be original

When working on a client’s project, being innovative isn’t a bad thing if you take the right approach. For instance, you might feel like there’s a better way to present a particular kind of information than what your client wants.

In this instance, you can inform your client about this, and wait for approval before incorporating your changes. This gives your clients time to process your proposed changes and decide if it suits them or not. By that doing, you are creating an impression that not only are you interested in being paid for the job but that you are also investing extra effort- regardless of whether is implemented or not. That does take a level of commitment, and when your clients recognize that, they are more inclined to trust you and to be back for more of your work!

TIP 5: Stick to your deadlines

Although this is the last tip on this list, it definitely is one of the most important things to take note of if you want to build a trusted brand. No one likes to have their expectations shattered, and so if you have given a particular deadline, you should ensure that you keep it. And if those deadlines aren’t feasible, then make that clear to your client so he or she doesn’t expect it and then get disappointed.

It does a freelancer a whole lot of good when he/she sticks to deadlines.

A word, they say, is enough for the wise!



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