5 Growth Strategies That Can Boost Your Freelance Business- And Fetch You Some More Money

Growth might seem to have happened overnight, but those at the helm of affairs know that this is far from the truth.

In other words, for there to be growth, you have to put in the needed work and effort.
Every serious freelancer wants to have significant growth in their freelance business, whether it is growth needed to kick-start the business from zero points to a definitely higher level, or to increase the number of clients that you work with, to create a long-lasting brand or to simply increase your take-home pay each month. The common theme to every serious freelancer is an improvement.
To get out of the rut of stagnancy in freelancing, here are the 5 most crucial growth strategies stated in easy to understand terms:

1. Make People Happy with your content
The wonderful thing about human nature is that we tend to flock to ideas that create a giddy feeling inside of us. If the service you’re currently providing to your clients is one that makes the majority of them sigh in defeat, or charge at you in anger; you aren’t creating a good lasting image for your freelance business. As a matter of fact, the less happy people are with your services, the harder it’ll be for you to scale up in terms of money and creating a long-lasting brand. So, what do you do? Instead of just rolling your eyes at the next client who happens to be sort of displeased with a portion of the service you’ve rendered- be it writing, illustrating, photography, or any other service; or acting as though that client is just overbearing (which some clients can be, by the way); could you take a step further by genuinely trying to find out what the problem is, correcting it, and noting it down so as to avoid future errors?
Yes, that helps.

Give solutions
2. Be a contributor to others’ businesses: not principally a money seeker
When you are seen by your clients as someone to whom they can run to when they have a challenge which you are known to solve, you are likely to be considered more of a friend than someone who’s trying to rip off money from them. In other words, even if you’d have to bend over your back to create value for your clients, do so. This helps to create a bond of trust, and guess what? It’ll in not time, begin to fetch you more money because by so doing, you’d have garnered faithful clients who are likely to refer more people to you, who can also become faithful clients, and that’s how the chain continues!
3. Build your business more than your social media page’s
Because of the whole social media hype, there is a very great tendency for you to focus on promoting your services on a lot of social media platforms, which isn’t bad in itself, but if you aren’t creating more value for your business entity in itself, what’s the use of the social media hype, if you would be objective with yourself? Most freelancers tend to work on their own, so I understand how this can pose a challenge if you don’t have anyone to manage your social media pages, but the pertinent thing to do, would be to strike a balance between excellent content and social media branding.
4. Let all of your content- not just the top 10, exude great quality
Hmmm…so many of us are guilty of this. How many of us (with the show of solidarity by raising up our hands, please), have those top 3 or 5 or 10 ‘high-quality jobs’ which we send to prospective clients when pitching for jobs? Agreed, it might have to do with the with an interesting subject matter, or the stellar finishing of that job, or some other unnamed feature, and all of that; but we need to ensure that all of our jobs have a mark of excellent quality stamped on it! it isn’t good enough to have a certain number of ‘to be showcased’ quality jobs, but it’s equally important that we can beat our chest to proudly attest to the fact that all of our jobs are quality jobs. Can I hear an Amen to that?
5. Ask your clients what they want
What do the majority of your clientele want? It might be shocking to discover that the thing which is foremost on the minds of your clients might be a service which you’re a professional at rendering but which you didn’t know they wanted- because you didn’t ask. When you do know what your clients actually want, which might just require a little bit of adjustment on your part, guess what? We have both a happy client and a happy freelancer!



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