10 Apps Every Freelancer Needs

This post is dedicated to everyone who values the usage of apps (which should be everyone- seeing as we are no longer in the stone age). The right apps are like pen and paper to the student.

As a freelancer, the difference between your job being relatively easy and it being an uphill task can be the right apps. There are so many apps out there, but these are 10 of the most practical, life-saving apps in freelancing. As you go through the list, you’d see that there’s an app for almost everything you need to do, so why should you have to complain about not getting those things done?

1. Grammarly

How many times has Grammarly saved me? Every single day, in recent times. From the excessive usage of the comma to its under-usage and from words which I coin up in my subconscious mind and assume exist, to wrong spellings and oversights; Grammarly app is a must have for every freelancer. If you need to correct mistakes which you weren’t aware even existed, you should install Grammarly right away (there is a free version, and a paid version of the app). As well, this app can be used when you have to send emails to correct your emails and make them just perfect.

2. Dropbox

DropBox is cool in its own way. With this app, you can synchronize all of your mails and for clients whose jobs cannot be sent via email, DropBox is just the right tool. Most of these clients also make use of this app so it would be a sorry excuse for you not to have it installed. With your DropBox app, you can sync files across several of your devices, and without stress! You’d agree with me that this would make life easier, right?

3. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is all shades of amazing. Never want to miss a deadline? This app is just for you. For the busy freelancer who has other things on his or her plate (at least 70-80% of freelancers), ranging from kids to another job, you would need a calendar to schedule all of your activities, and this app is just perfect for that purpose. It also syncs across several of your devices.

4. MailChimp

Need to send emails en masse to your contacts? MailChimp  has got you covered, so you needn’t worry. This app helps you send out those mails, ensuring you can keep in contact with your clients and all other people without you having to break a limb.

5. HootSuite

How do you take care of Social Media management? Have you been having headaches about being active on all of them for your freelance business? This is just the right app for you. HootSuite helps to manage all of your social media platforms and helps you focus on other things besides this.

6. Mint

Can you hazard a guess about what this app is for? Yes, you’re right. It’s all about money! Freelancers can easily get carried away with work and forget to balance their accounts weekly or monthly. Mint comes to the rescue; providing us with finance management, and for free! If you’re having troubles managing your finances, I suggest you get this app.

7. Posterous

This is one of the best freelance apps on the market that addresses bookmarking. As you surf the net, it is sometimes difficult to keep tabs on important pages and websites, and this app comes to your rescue on that matter.

8. Skype

Oh come on, you don’t have Skype installed? Ok, I’ll try not to castigate, but every freelancer needs Skype. When working with clients who aren’t in the same region as you are, Skype can be put to good use for making those video calls. It shouldn’t be when you actually need to make urgent use of this app that you begin to consider installing it! 


Having a good freelancer-client relationship cannot be over-emphasized but to be sincere, it can be quite tasking; which is why this app is on the list. With BatchBook, all your interpersonal relationship issues are addressed and tackled.

10. ProWriting Aid

I love this app because it helps me with editing and as well, improves my writing prowes. Can you imagine an app that scores you? This is what I liken the function of this app to be. With its free version, you can get insight into how your writing fares when compared to other users of the app; how you use your punctuation marks and if they are correctly used, correction of spellings, usage of glue words and in general, a rating of your work. If you think you’re a boss writer, you probably need this app to confirm to yourself that you are- or to se how much work you still got left to reach your dream heights.

I almost listed internet connection as an app because without data, you unfortunately might not be able to access these apps (Ouch…and there’s nothing I can do about that, sorry). 


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