More Money or More Traffic? Are you bold enough to choose one?

We’ve got an interesting post here. Every freelancer must have had something to do with traffic (especially for freelance bloggers) – and of course with money.

Before I jump the gun and give an answer to the question posed above, I’d like to ask you that same question again, but paraphrased. If you are given the chance to choose one of either more traffic on your blog or website, or in general, more visibility, which would you choose?

Money is undeniably good. What about visibility? Being a known brand and providing services which are appreciated by others in itself, is no mean feat, so I presume this choice or situation to be rather dicey.
Before giving you ample time to reflect on which would be your preferred choice, let’s talk about the pros of either of them

More Traffic
Every freelance blogger, in particular, gets overjoyed when there is a hint at massive traffic! I mean, who wouldn’t? When there is little or no traffic to your website, I totally understand that sinking feeling which makes it seem as though what you have to say is not important or that you aren’t hitting the nail on the head in one way or another. A lack of traffic can make you get discouraged and question the amount of time and energy which you tirelessly give into making sure that your posts are top notch. Especially when traffic seems to be rather static or worse still, to be reducing, you might start wondering what it is that you are doing wrong.

However, over time, you discover that to build traffic to your site, you must consistently provide great content, and as well, you must be aggressive enough to publicize these content at every period of time. You do not get the luxury of being lazy at doing that.

Traffic is much more than providing great content, it also has to do with engaging your followers, and making them feel as though they are a part of your blog, as attested to by Jayson DeMers of Forbes.

Which brings us to the issue of a lot of traffic!

Now that you have worked so hard on your blog or website and you are beginning to get quite some amount of visibility, you’d agree with me about how encouraging that is. Who doesn’t want to be at the forefront of something innovative or new? Who doesn’t want to be the freshest ‘kid on the block’ in whatever scene you find yourself? Yes, a lot of traffic is exhilarating, it can, in fact, make you high…but…
What about money?

So we have agreed on how having a lot of traffic is quite awesome, and how exhilarating it can be, but let’s be honest, can this feeling beat that of making a lot of money from freelancing, even if it doesn’t aid your visibility- such as seen in ghostwriting? Let’s really dissect this issue.
When ghostwriting, although you do not get the visibility as being the individual who penned the article, write-up, book; you are likely to be paid handsomely. Although this does not bring visibility, it enriches your pocket, and isn’t that a vital part of what most of us are after? I wouldn’t want to be the black sheep by being all about the money, maybe I should allow someone else pick money over traffic. But of course, we all know what money can do. How having more money can not only help you personally but also, professionally. You can easily develop yourself and attend more seminars or programs that would develop your skills if you had more money. More money, of course, also translates into having more time on your hands and with this comes along the fringe benefits of choosing which job deserves your time and which job doesn’t.

Now that I have talked about the benefits of more traffic versus more money, which would you be bold enough to choose?

A few words of advice:
When you have more traffic to your website, you need to work hard on ensuring that this continues to be the case. Who wants to have gotten to a peak only to plummet once again? And so, when thinking about ways to drive traffic to your site, and when you indeed, start seeing a lot of traffic, make it a point of duty to, instead of resting on your oars, begin to work hard to ensure that you stay visible and that your traffic never plummets. One key way to doing this is to have strong content consistently; content which makes people want to return to your site over and over again because they keep on getting insight from you in one way or another.
As regards the issue of making a lot of money freelancing, chasing traffic is very good, but do not forget that money is the soul of business and the truth is that your freelance business doesn’t have a business component attached to it for fun, it should be treated as a business!


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