5 Places to Get Good Freelance Jobs

Having more than enough jobs- so much that you are able to sift through them and choose the ones you would love to work on, while rejecting those which wouldn’t be best suited for you, seems like a luxury but is actually something that’s very possible. Ultimately, you cannot claim to be a seasoned freelancer if you don’t get freelance gigs, or make money from freelancing.

Getting high-paying jobs isn’t only about signing up to popular platforms, but some of them can indeed, be helpful.

However, it might seem as though there aren’t enough freelance gigs, or there aren’t enough places to get those gigs which would be worth a freelancer’s time. Once again, I’m here to the rescue (let me form ‘Superman’ small). There are quite a number of good (maybe a little hidden) platforms through which a freelancer can rise, become polished at his or her craft and as well, make enough cash to be comfortable with calling freelancing a career.
And so, this post is targeted at getting good freelance jobs, and I have listed a few sites which would do you well to get a good look at.
Although I haven’t mentioned the more popular sites such as Elance, Upwork and such other popular websites, there are also some less popular ones where you can get good freelance gigs as well, and with minimal stress.
1. Freelancer
Freelancer is quite a popular freelance website. In addition to the provision of freelance gigs, freelancer also helps you if you’re good at competing. This sets it apart from other freelance websites, in the sense that there are gigs which you can compete for, and if you win quite a number, you become a known name on that platform in no time.

2. 99designs

99designs is a good platform which freelance website designs would do well to check out. On this platform, there are design contests which you can participate in and show your expertise and skills.
Since there are not a lot of websites that are specifically suited for web designers, this is quite a unique platform which helps to bridge this gap.
3. Demand Media

Demand Media is an excellent platform for anyone who is creative. Creative people, inclusive of writers, filmmakers, producers, photographers and more can readily benefit from the use of this platform. You work with the site to create unique content, engage audiences and promote your talents. As well, it isn’t an over-saturated platform and so, new freelancers can get their own gigs from this site.
4. Fiverr
Fiverr is a quite popular freelancing website, but it made it into this list because well, it is one which works well, both for beginner freelancers and as well, for freelancing pros. This is because services can be offered for as low as five dollars, and as high as any amount you think would be worth your while. Indeed, a lot of people have hit it big from this platform.
5. Toptal
Are you a professional in your field and one who thinks bidding for ridiculously low amounts of money isn’t your thing? We got you covered! At Toptal, you needn’t worry that there’d be low-bid contests which would ‘spoil your shine’ or prevent you from getting a good job where you would put in your best and would then be rewarded with negligible pay. Most of the bidders on this platform are very well qualified, and the clients as well, are big names with the likes of JPMorgan and Zendesk being on the list. However, since nothing extremely good comes free, you would have to pass a screening exercise which proves that in tandem with the name of this platform, you can make it to the last as one of the top talented freelancers. On passing this screening exercise, you are then given access to significant projects with top-notch clients, and you can make good money, as well as a record for providing good services.

One last thing about this platform: you get incorporated within their community, and here, there are quite a number of meetups and events through which you can also grow your game.

In conclusion, wisdom can mean all of the difference between making a name in freelancing and going into oblivion. Talent isn’t enough; knowledge of the most productive platform for your craft is also needed if you would excel at freelancing, regardless of what aspect of freelancing you’re into.

I would also like to reiterate that patience is needed as well as a lot of determination, as you might have to visit quite a number of freelancing sites before getting the right fit for your craft. But you are resilient, right? I thought as much!

Share your success stories with us if you have used any of the above websites, or even others that haven’t been mentioned- with positive results.

We would be glad to listen!


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