Blogging Essentials for Every Freelance Blogger

Blogging is an art. You know, sometimes it might seem as though talent is enough and with it, all of your dreams can come true. Shocker: it isn’t.

Much more than talent, in whatever you do, there are certain strategies which have worked over time, and if put to good use, would also work for you. This is as vital in other aspects of business as it is in blogging.

If you really want to go from hobby blogger to pro, you must be willing to work hard, invest in training and stick it out for the long haul

Today, we would be discussing what the blogging essentials are for every freelance blogger, and if you are a blogger (or soon-to-be one), then this is just the perfect post for you. Do not just read, but ensure you apply it to your blog and watch things take a better shape. Thank me later.
1. Blog Consistently
As a blogger, there are days of bliss! You want to write and talk and simply communicate your thoughts feelings, emotions. Not so on some other days, which seem dry and bleak and you would rather not type a single word. Newsflash: you aren’t alone. As a talented individual, it seems as though there are no ‘off-days’ and that every single moment of your life, talent gushes out through your fingers, but as every blogger knows, some days aren’t like that.
Everyone knows at least one person who ‘used-to-be a blogger’, who still has a blog site but for one or more reasons, couldn’t continue with blogging. Or that blogger that posts an article once every three months and starts the article with ‘I’m sorry guys, I’ve been MIA for the past few months because of…’
Don’t be that person. The truth is no one would take your craft seriously, if you don’t take it serious.
On another hand, there is the time barrier. Don’t we all wish every day could have 30 hours instead of 24 hours? As a blogger who loves his or her craft, you might be so busy that even though the thoughts are flowing through every part of your brain in rapid sequence, as if they have their own different blood supply; you simply do not have the time to write. And so, what do you do? This takes us to the next essential tip.

2. Schedule your posts

I wouldn’t say I’ve been the best at scheduling my blog posts, but those few times when I did, I was impressed at the ease at which my posts were made and at how I could concentrate on doing other things. Most blogging sites e.g. WordPress; allow you to schedule your blog posts, with the exact date and time when you would want it to be published; and voila! Your post is up! Not only does this save you time, it also gives you an appearance of seriousness, and that you value your blog followership.
This however, implies that you would have to write a couple of posts ahead of time so as to be able to schedule them.
3. Share on social media

Now that you have put up your post, how do you convince people to read it? The challenge of building a followership can be tackled with the proper use of social media platforms. Don’t overlook this! As many social media platforms as you are on- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit; and so on, try to share your posts on them. It shows that you believe in your brand and are proud to be associated with it, no matter how small it is at the moment. As much as possible, never fail to share a blog post on social media.

4. Use relevant tags

Again, most blogging sites have avenues through which you can use relevant hashtags for your blog for every post. With the usage of such tags, you make your blog posts more visible, as they would come up each time someone searches with that particular tag. The more the relevant blog posts you tag, the better your chances at being visible at each search.
5. Have Excellent Content

Of course, no one (I believe) goes into blogging without having a number of good ideas to share in mind, just as no one starts on a trip without having an action plan (even if that plan is not to have a plan). Every blogger needs to craft posts with the aim of delivering excellent content to the readers, and this can be done not only by writing great posts, but also by reviewing them- for spelling errors, grammatical re-structuring and so on. For these purposes, there are certain apps which every blogger must have, and one of them is Grammarly.

With the free version of this app, you can correct your spelling errors and do a couple of other things to tidy up your post. In all, try to maintain a standard of excellence which your readers would then go on to associate you with.



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