3 Writing Platforms That Will Make You $100 Richer For Every Article

Finding a job as a freelance writer can be a difficult thing, it can sometimes leave you frustrated. Are you tired of scouring the internet in an endless search for sites that pay well?

It is hard to find these well-paying blogs, but with much effort and a lot of searching, I bring to you 3 blog sites that pay about $100 per article:

  1. True Africa

True Africa is a new media-tech platform that focuses on topics ranging from, culture, music, sports, lifestyle, politics, fashion and tech not only in Africa but also in the diaspora. They’re constantly on the lookout for writers. They pay between $30 – $200 depending on the length of the article, and also negotiation is open.

  1. The Establishment

This site is run and funded by women who have one goal: to make the world a better place by giving everyone a voice. They are interested in articulate articles that are also well researched. These topics cover anything from, the unexpected relationship between neo conservatism and feminism, Mesopotamian dinosaurs, the politics of the denim, adolescent self-discovery and much more.

They pay $125 for feature stories, op-eds, and personal essays (800 – 1500 words), and also $500 for a select few long-form investigative pieces that involve original reporting and at least five interviews (3,000 words). T

  1. OkayAfrica

OkayAfrica is open to working with freelance writers, photographers, and video producers and are always willing to accept new pitches. You are required to outline your idea in some detail and should also include links to your past writing or multimedia work.

They pay $75 for op-eds and $150 in features that include interviews and research.

What are you waiting for?

Try reach out to them today and see how it goes


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