The Earn $100 Per Day in Six Months Challenge: Update

It is September already. Two months since I started this over-ambitious challenge. Phew, how time flies! Within the next four months, I should be reaping the fruits of my labour but I am not very sure that will happen. If you are new here, you might be interested in reading my July post on this ‘earn $100 per day in the next six months’.

The month of August has been one of learning. Though I have been generating content for my website, I have been dedicating a lot of time to tutorials videos and webinars on how to be successful in affiliate marketing. But hey, let’s get to the root of the matter.


Traffic to the website

My website is still yet to attract organic traffic since most of my visitors come from Quora where I answer very many questions on bodybuilding and leave my backlinks so that they can visit. I have also been getting lots of traffic from Twitter where I have tried to consistently post updates on relevant content about bodybuilding.


Though I had earlier promised myself that I will be uploading two articles on the website per week, I have not been able to religiously do this. At times, I post more than two articles in a week and then there are those weeks when I am so focused on building backlinks or updating old content that I forget to upload the two articles per week. Also, there are those weeks when I have no inspiration to write anything. As of now, the website has a total of nine posts with each post having an average of 1000 words which would make a total of 9000 words. I know that is a small number of words but I will keep on keeping on. The website ain’t that old anyway!



If there is one thing that I have invested lots of time learning about, it is about backlinking. Backlinks show Google how authoritative you are. The more quality backlinks your website has, the higher it will be ranked. I have been getting backlinks from all sources that I can muster all the way from blog commenting, guest posting, translating my content to Swahili Wikipedia, building web 2.0s and asking other bloggers to add a link pointing to my website on their blog.

So far, I have been able to get 150 backlinks. Again, this is a small number but considering their quality and the effort that I had to make to get each, makes me smile with triumph.


Keyword ranking

To help with keyword research, I have signed up for the Google Search Console tool that tells me where my keywords are on search. Although I have none in the top 10, I am happy that I have been able to jump from position 200 to 30s and 40s in most of my keywords. I need to build more quality backlinks in order to ace my way ahead.



Sales is the most important website metric and I would be demotivated if I were not getting any sales. The good thing is that though I have not recorded any sales throughout August, I was able to get one on September 2nd. Yes, a reader who saw my Twitter post opened it and went on to buy one of my products testogen and from the sale, I got $38.

The Way forward

The future looks brighter and better. It also calls for hard work since from what I have found out, my competitors are big brands that do not mince their words and act fast and industriously. I will continue working hard to generate fresh linkable content and build backlinks to my website.



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