5 Places to Get Freelance Jobs on Social Media

Social media can be such a beautiful place, buzzing with activity (both productive and unproductive). It’s the go-to place for us millennials when we need to get the latest gist and probably just zone out when we’re in a boring conversation, but guess what? It could also be the place for you to land really great job offers as a freelancer. In fact, if social media was made for anyone, it’s for you and I. you would think I’ve been paid by someone to shine the light on social media as means of getting income for freelancers, but I haven’t (you trust me, right?)

Here are five places where you can get great job offers on social media:
1. Instagram
I’m in love with IG, so I might have been a little biased to put up IG as the first place to get a job via social media. However, maybe it’s also because I’ve gotten jobs through Instagram. As a matter of fact, you don’t just have to post your pictures on Instagram, or go through funny memes and videos; you can actually make money as well.
You could actually conduct a job search on Instagram by checking out for hashtags in relation to your preferred job, or simply with the use of hashtags for freelance writers e.g. #freelancer, #freelancewriter and so on. As well, you should also follow really juicy Instagram pages that would help your freelance career such as AfricanFreelancers and a host of other Instagram pages.
2. LinkedIn
Any job seeker at all knows that LinkedIn is one of the best places for unlimited job opportunities. You could make yourself more likely to get jobs on LinkedIn by adding in your profile that you’re a freelancer, and being as specific as possible would also go a long way to help. It would also help matters if your profile speaks of professionalism.
3. Twitter
You can also get a lot of good freelance jobs on Twitter, via following the right platforms. Some sites which you can follow on Twitter for good freelance jobs include: @Gidi_traffic, @uyai and @imagineitincng. These sites post jobs between three times a week to as much as posting jobs on a daily basis.
4. Facebook Groups
To get freelance jobs on Facebook, you would have to follow really great accounts on Facebook that could get you such jobs. In my experience, when you share articles you’ve written on Facebook and other sites (consistently), over time as your network expands, you’d meet with people who recognize your talent/skill and would be ready to work with you- it’s more like your previous work refers them to you, especially if they like your style or flow. While this may be a little discouraging at first because you might have to share those articles several times before anyone really pays any attention to you, it pays to do so continuously.
Also, the truth is you might not be able to know which posts would thrive and which wouldn’t thrive as much- sometimes the posts I think wouldn’t do so well have brought the most amount of traffic, which has made me further re-evaluate what people need/ want to hear versus what I want to put out. As a freelancer, you must know that these two aren’t the same and adjust your message to suit your readers/client/customers.
5. Google Plus
Google Plus, a Google Initiative, is also another means through which you can get freelance jobs on social media. You can get more information on how to set up a freelance account on Google plus by clicking here

It would amaze you to discover that leaving thoughtful comments and actually engaging in conversations with prospective clients/providing solutions can be one quick way to land freelance jobs via social media- keeping in mind that the tone of your voice is important. Because they can’t see you, the way you convey your message is of utmost importance here.
I believe in referrals because that way, you don’t have to spend so much time pitching about how awesome you are as a writer and by sharing your posts on various social media platforms, you are actually putting yourself out there, selling yourself to as many people as possible at the same time. Even if those who are your friends/followers on social media don’t need your help, you would be glad to find out that you can get good referrals from them, and then you’ll concentrate on work rather than on pitching.
I hope this post has been helpful. If it has, please help broadcast on social media platforms so that those who need it can read and apply to their own individual scenarios. The share button for all social media platforms is just below the post. Ciao!


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