How to get more freelance jobs this month

So you are a Freelancer. You are basking in the euphoria of being in charge of your time, resources and schedule. For the sole aim of providing services to clients at agreed fees and commissions. You are also in the freelance business because aside pursuing your passion with it, you also expect to earn a living from it.

So in effect, you expect more projects and engagements from one or more current and prospective clients. On a consistent basis every month. So the question becomes how do you get more freelance jobs every other month?

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Take a look at the following tips and see which steps will work for your freelance goals this month and beyond:

  1. Give your version/opinion  of an existing work or project

Wise words say that you can never go wrong with originality. In that regard, as a freelancer, you should imbibe the ethics of interpreting jobs from your perspective. Is there an article on a subject dear to you as a writer? Feel free to give the subject a new but intelligent twist. are you look at a website you feel could do with some tweaks here and there? Go right ahead and make those adjustments. Why should you, as a freelancer, take this labored path? There are a few reasons. First off, engaging in these sort of tasks builds up your capacity for innovation and strategy. You prove to current and prospective clients that you care enough for their businesses to want to add more value to their operations.

More often than not, you will score high marks and leave a lasting impression, to the effect that you begin to command more jobs.

  1. Leverage on the reach and spread of job boards and Freelance sites

You must understand that job boards and freelance websites are platforms with a diverse and interactive audience. Register on one of these platforms and follow the instructions on bidding and searching for jobs. If you have to lower your fees at the beginning, please do not hesitate. The goal is to get your work out in the public sphere and receive commendations/recommendations. The more connections you make with existing and potential clients, the better your prospects of commanding more freelance jobs, in the medium to long-term.

  1. Use your existing Contacts.

What better place to start your hunt for more freelance jobs this month than reaching out to family, friends, and others in your inner circle? Do you belong to the graduating class reunion group from your college? are you a member of a social or philanthropic workloads? a member of a church choir? The ubiquity of the examples shows that there are no restrictions when it comes to advertising the kind of freelance job you do. Tips for reaching out includes face-to-face interactions as well as SMS/email notifications. Mention what you do in specifics, where they can view your work samples, and the type of clients you are looking for. You could throw in a finder’s fee in the bag, to hasten things up.

  1. Reach out to other freelancers

Do not view other freelancers as competition. Rather, see them as ladders necessary to advance your cause and interests. Your peers may have insider information that could help put more work on your table. The idea is creating a rapport with other freelancers and a working relationship. Atimes these individuals might have their hands full with projects. If you inform them of your availability beforehand, they could transfer some of their workload to you. That will mean more jobs for your to execute.

  1. Develop content in your chosen field/specialization

As a freelancer, never take your spare time for granted. It should serve as a period when you hone your craft. In other words, if you are a freelance writer, by all means, write. articles, short stories, blog posts, poem et al. If you are a photographer, get out and take shots on subjects ranging from nature photography to people portraits among other themes. The goal is to exercise your freelance muscles and to keep you focused. The other benefit is creating an ample arsenal of work portfolios with which you can market to your clients.

  1. Begin for free

It is understandable for you to cringe at this thought. Yet, when you start out on your freelance career and seek more patronage, it might be the most adroit decision you make. For starters, the idea of Pro Bono work centers on giving visibility to your trade and gaining traction. Working for free may prove tricky more so if freelancing is not a side hustle but your main source of sustenance. You can observe the following tips when offering your services for free:

a. Ensure that the client understands that you are investing your vision and expertise instead of a payment. This mindset plays an important role for further engagements in the future.

b.Engage the client and receive assurances about obtaining other jobs from them and referrals. For this to happen, you must deliver according to the terms of your engagement. Also, add that you would appreciate testimonials on the quality of your work.

c.State what your rates would have been under different circumstances. This step is important so that you can charge your fees for the next project or engagement.

d.Give free services in areas that are your niche/speciality, so you can build your portfolio in those areas.

  1. Get on various online Social media platforms

Freelancing as career centers on the Internet and the World Wide Web. after all, the world is becoming a global village and communication between remote parts takes place instantly and in real time. So if you are not advertising your services on the web, it begs the question where should you be? If you desire more jobs this month and onward, you should create compelling profiles on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter among others.  These platforms command millions of followers, so it is an effective means of publicizing your freelance services to the right audience.



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