Dear Freelancer: What Inspires/Refuels You?

Those who inspire need the most inspiration

As the month runs to an end, many of us might have drained our creative juices on tasks, and can’t wait to break away from our routines, even if only for a day or two. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as in fact, it is deemed healthy.

If you do it often, you’d reduce the risk of getting into a phase where you burn-out. The more you re-inspire, reinvigorate yourself for say, 10 minutes per day, the less you have to take out 3 otherwise productive days to rest. Mathematically, the effect of 10 minutes per day is more astronomically and even more time-effective than 3 days in a month!

For creatives like us, it would be a fatal mistake to ignore our need to be refueled as we go about dispensing the creative, healing energy which we possess within ourselves. As you go about freelancing, can you point to something which inspires you on a daily basis?

For one, it might be a walk in nature, for another, it could be prayer and yet for another, it could be lying on the tiled floor as you mouth the words of a well-loved song. But the most important question is this: does it inspire you?

Some jobs are service-oriented- inclusive of medicine, law, nursing, and so on. To provide such services to the society, these individuals have to continually top up their knowledge. However, some are more inspiration-oriented and these are those careers belonging to the creative industry. Creators need time to reflect, to refurbish themselves.

At one point while schooling, I had to fill out forms while going home for a break, and when it came to the point where I was to fill out the purpose for my break, I’d write ‘Rejuvenation’. Yes, I could have simply written ‘Rest’ but that’s story for another day. The point is that for me, it wasn’t just about spending time with loved ones or sleeping well, or eating to my heart’s content- it was about what all of that depicted- Rejuvenation.

What depicts rejuvenation for you, and how do you rejuvenate daily?

Here are some tips for freelancers to get refueled:

1. Meet with other people within your niche

You are not alone. Sometimes however, you will feel alone. In your frustration, another person might be the beam of light to help draw you out of that state and into a position of being ‘okay’ once again. Sometimes, this person is someone who understands exactly what you’re going through- not because they are mind readers but because you are in the same niche, the same position of influence! Don’t underrate the power of a strong community of writers, graphic designers, bloggers, vloggers, and all things freelancing. They get it, and so it’s so much easier for them to flow with you and even dish out practical, readily applicable bits of advice. Once in a while, hangouts are organized for freelancers, and one which a lot of people within the field are looking forward to is the African Writers Meet 17!


2. Attend Book Clubs

One thing I have made a mental note of, as I go into the month of November is the need to attend more book readings. The unity of themes, the ambience, the desire to connect are all too readily felt, and for a book lover, nothing is more beautiful than the smell of new books! Reading alone is exhilarating, but think about how much more exhilarating it will be to have a book read with all the right nuances, especially when read by the author him/herself. It sets the creative juices flowing.

3. Keep a Date with Nature

A walk in the park, or somewhere quiet, where it’s just you and the random sound of chirping birds might just do the trick. The theme here, is solitude.

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4. Exercise Regularly

Having a fresh surge of adrenaline through vigorous exercise might not be a bad idea for some people. Many creative individuals can attest to getting inspiration while focusing entirely on something else- which could be a good run, or some serious energy-burning exercise.

5. Rest

Last, but definitely not the least, is the constant need to take out time to rest. The beauty (and sometimes pain) of not having a 9-5 job is that you are likely to fall asleep when you can no longer work, because you work for as long as you can. Setting out time to get ample rest is one way to increase the quality of your output, eventually.

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As you prepare for next month’s jobs, take time out to refuel yourself so as to enhance your creativity. How do you get refueled? What inspires you? I’d love to hear from you!


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