10 reasons why you should join African Freelancers

The freelance world is experiencing new changes and improvements on a daily basis. Every day, more people are leaving conventional 9-5 jobs to work from the comfort of their homes. There is a sudden discovery that people can make much more from going into full time freelancing.and with the increase in the number of freelancers, startups and companies relating to freelance have also sprung up. Tech companies, websites, bloggers, authors and newspaper dailies have also joined the conversation, they have realized that the freelance community is a largely untapped goldmine.

On the 7th of December, 2017, Ayishat Amoo the founder of African Freelancers launched the website which boasts to be the first ever website for freelancers in Africa. Within a short period, the website has recorded unbelievable success gathering a large readership and following from various social networks ranging from Twitter to Facebook, and Instagram.f has undoubtedly become the freelance website to reckon with in Africa and If you are not already a member of African Freelancers, here are ten reasons why joining as a member is the smartest move you can make.

1. Great content.
On African Freelancers, you get to access great content for free and If information on freelancing is what you are searching for, this is the right place to go. Articles containing tips on how to improve and manage your freelance services are regularly posted for the benefit of readers. With information from African freelancers, there’s no need to learn from mistakes. For examples of such tips, check this link How to deal with uncooperative clients

2. Interviews with experts and freelance gurus
Although you can learn from research and reading, another way of learning that has been proved to be as efficient is learning through the experiences of people. African Freelancers provides a plethora of interviews with industry experts and seasoned freelancers. These interviews share insights on critical issues and problem areas in freelancing. The experiences of veteran freelancers also help to motivate and inspire other freelancers who are just starting out.
Need a little motivation on freelancing with a personal touch? Check our interview section!

3. Community of freelancers
As a member of African Freelancers, you get to become a member of a large community of freelancers. Conversations and discussions are regular features on African Freelancers and members get to share their opinions and listen to others’ too. This community doesn’t end here alone, our social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are buzzing with the activities of members. Become a member of African Freelancers and get involved in these conversations.

4. Resources and freelance materials.
As a member of African Freelancers, you get to have access to resources that would help you step up your freelancing game. There’s so much to gain from these resources, so start equipping yourself.

5. Gigs and job opportunities
Now I know this is the part that gets brows raised. As a member of African Freelancers, you get to be the first to.hear about job opportunities and freelance job openings. Yes, whether you’re a programmer, designer, writer, or illustrator, whatever it is that you do, joining African Freelancers might just be the first step to landing that dream project you’ve been searching for.

6. News on freelancing programmes and events.
If you are like me who likes to attend programmes where I get to meet new freelancers and old acquaintances (everyone should be), then African Freelancers should be one of your most visited sites. Events and meetups with information on the speakers, location and how to register for them are regularly announced on African Freelancers, so the next time you’re looking for an event to network, get in here!

7. Avenue for networking
If you are looking for an avenue to network without spending a dime or getting out from your comfort zone, African Freelancers is the perfect avenue. As a member of African Freelancers, you get to meet other freelancers and potential clients across various fields. Through discussions with these people, you could create beneficial business relationships that would last for a long time and you also get exposed to new opportunities through them.

8. Exposure
If you are a freelancer who is passionate about your work, one thing that would work really well for you is public exposure. As a member of African Freelancers, you have an opportunity to showcase your knowledge on freelancing by being a contributor. Sharing knowledge on freelancing would not only help people who have questions concerning freelancing, it is also a means of advertising your freelancing skills. Your next client might just be someone who read your article.

9. Trending information on freelancing
African Freelancers brings news on trends within the freelancing world. Whether it’s a new startup, freelance application, or any other thing, the first place you’ll get to hear it is on African Freelancers. With African Freelancers, you can never get lost in the past!

Finally, for all the wonderful reasons that have been given above, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t join African Freelancers. Register as a member by sending a mail to africanfreelancers@gmail.com and start reaping the benefits!


One Reply to “10 reasons why you should join African Freelancers”

  1. This is amazing! It is good to see that we have something like this as Africans. I am a blogger and recently became an author with Amazon.com. I love to write and it is very exciting for me. Now knowing that there is a freelance site that has gigs for Africans particularly is exciting. I can’t wait to be apart and reap the fruits of this innovation. Thank You


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