In this present age of science, technology and social media, there are inexhaustible ways to invest and develop your freelance career. There is the reading, the listening, the watching, the doing and a host of others that exists for the benefit and development of humans. One of those ways in the listening aspects is Podcast.

There are lots of podcast channels from all over the world giving insights and expositions on different topics and issues that concern humans and her developments from relationships, cooking, baking, lifestyle, spiritual, career, of which Freelance is one.

What then are Podcasts?

Podcasts in a simple analogy are simply audio versions of YouTube videos (very simple right?). It means, it’s like YouTube videos except that you don’t get to watch or see the person, you only get to listen to the voice behind the contents and it’s a lot easier because it’s data saving than consuming but formally and according to Wikipedia, podcasts can be referred to as episodic series of digital audio or video files which a user can download and listen to and also, it is often available for subscriptions, so that new episodes are automatically downloaded via web syndication to the user’s own local computer, mobile application, or portable media player.


Why should you listen to podcasts

Well, there are one thousand and one reasons and more as to why you should listen to podcasts.

1. It’s developmental yet affordable that’s right! Knowledge is expensive (it requires a lot – consistency, focus, attention, finances, etc.) but a podcast is a knowledge come cheap. You don’t have to spend anything rather than utilizing your mobile phone or other electronic gadgets at little pay/data cost.

2. For mental, personal and career growth: There are podcasts channels on different topics that cut across all humans essentials – emotions, family life, parenting, spiritual, psychology and career. These podcasts are mainly motivated by the need to help humans develop in all parts of their lives. In other words, podcasts are developed to meet every human need and that’s why there are different podcasts on different things.

3. It’s time effective sometimes, when you do not know what else you can do with your time while you’re still trying to do something else, listening to podcast is your best bet. What do I mean? Sometimes we can be doing one thing and still feel like that one thing is monopolizing our time. Therefore, listening to podcast is one way to break that monopoly; it’s a good way to maximize time. You can do virtually anything while listening to podcasts. You can be driving and be listening to podcasts. You can be washing, exercising, etc. It’s just like listening to music while you do other things except that this is developmental than lyrical.

Having established that, as Freelancers, what are the Five Podcasts we should listen to?

The following podcasts are five of our favourite podcasts that would help your Freelance career grow;

1. High-Income Business Writing: This podcast channel created by Ed Gandia, a former Freelance business writer and copywriter gives insight on handling the financial aspects of Freelance, contracts, pricing and charging, etc. this is one podcast that cuts across all spheres of Freelance and for all Freelancers (new, old, emerging, etc.).

2. Longform – this is another beautiful one for writers (nonfiction, fiction, content writers especially). It features popular people with vast experience in writing; from New York Times columnists to Screenwriters, Journalists, Editors-in-Chief, etc. talking about the craft, the challenges, how they get inspired and more.

3. The Freelancers – This is for all freelancers (beginners and old ones). Paul Jarvis, a seasoned Freelancer and Producer shares everything ranging from his lessons, experiences, mistakes and more as a Freelancer in order to help guide other freelancers.

4. A Little Bird Told Me – This podcast channel is for Freelancers in the writing field too. It discusses the reality of entrepreneurship, self-publishing, setbacks, disappointments, content inspiration, writing for others, needy clients and social media marketing and management.

5. Smart Passive Income – This podcast channel is hosted by Pat Flynn and it is dedicated to helping Freelancers make more than they get for the work done. It’s more about helping a Freelancer achieve a better pay while being hardworking.


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