5 things stopping you from getting your dream clients

As a freelancer, getting clients is probably one of the hardest things about the job. Somethings its not about the unavailability of clients, sometimes it might just be that you are doing the wrong things or sending the wrong signals to potential clients. Here are five things stopping you from getting your dream clients.

5 things stopping you from getting your dream clients

1. Not conducting proper research

One of the things that can help you get your dream client is through conducting proper research on your clients. In fact, having proper research on clients is half the work needed to be done when searching for clients. When conducting research on your clients there are certain questions that need to be asked. Questions like: What do your clients want? How do they feel? What do they do for a living? What do they do in their free time? How old are they?

Asking questions such as this allows you to have forehand knowledge of the kind of people you are dealing with and makes a prediction on potential clients and marketing easier. For example, knowing the age of your clients can allow you to determine what sort of advertisements would catch their attention. A freelancer whose clients are mostly women, for example, would know that advertising in fashion blogs would be much more rewarding than advertising on a page about tools.


2. Making poor offers to clients

Another mistake most freelancers make which deny them from having their dream clients is making poor offers to potential clients. Many times an offer may send away clients who are genuinely interested in purchasing your service because such offer was not made properly and the client no longer has trust in the services that you provide. Certain things can make an offer a bad one and you should avoid them. They include:

Focusing too much on a process than the transformation: some freelancers while making offers to clients make the mistake of focusing on the process or how they would carry out the service than focusing on the result of their services. Clients are more result oriented in thinking in the sense that they want to hear the results or the transformation that would occur after patronizing your service, therefore, boring them on the process in which that transformation would be achieved may just send them away. Cut the long story short!

Failure to explain in simple terms: Another blunder while making an offer is explaining in difficult terms to the client. Many freelancers instead of simplifying their words make use of industry jargon which the client may not understand. This creates a huge problem for the client who would find it more beneficial to go instead for a more understandable option.


3. Not solving problems your clients are facing

One other barrier that keeps most freelancers from getting the clients that they want is the fact that they do not solve the problems that those clients want to be solved. For a freelancer to constantly attract clients, he must put himself out as a fixer to the problems those clients are facing. Only then would he be of value to the clients. So what are you waiting for? Make your research on the common problems faced by clients in your industry and start solving those problems.



4. Not following up on offers and previous clients

Another big mistake you could be making that’s keeping clients away from you is that you are not following up on clients and offers. Most times potential clients do not immediately sign up to patronize your services when you make offers to them because they still have to make up their mind on whether or not they are going to patronize your services. It is therefore proper to keep up with them by checking up to show that your offer is still open to them. This can be done through calls or emails; however, it should not be too much to avoid causing a nuisance. Also, it is proper to keep up with clients who have patronized you before and not to lose contact with them. Constantly check up on them to remind them of your services, also another technique that can help you find more clients is by asking old clients to give reviews of your services either on your website or on any medium through which other people can read. This serves as an endorsement to potential clients who might not yet be sure whether they want to patronize you.


5. Not putting yourself out

Getting your dream clients would be impossible if you are not putting yourself out to be found by potential clients that is if you are waiting to be found without putting any effort towards it. There are many ways you can put yourself out there whether by creating content or advertising or even through social media. The important thing is that you constantly push your brand out for clients to recognize that you are the perfect person for the job they are looking for.


If you try to avoid these five things mentioned in this post, you are one step away from getting your dream clients. Why don’t you start today? If any of this information was useful please tell us how in the comment section. Thank you.


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