It is pertinent to say that this article is only going to be relevant to you if you consider Freelance a Career. What am I trying to say? I’m trying to say a lot of people or some people don’t think Freelance is a career enough. They consider it as something they do to make extra cash, while away time or support their main career.

To some, Freelance can look like a side hustle and in that case, it can be pretty difficult to understand why you need to invest in it like it’s everything.
In essence, for anybody to invest in anything at all, that thing must be important and when a thing is important, it becomes crucial to invest in it and a Freelance career is one of those important things to invest in.


Why is that? Well, that is because investing in careers is one of those practices that every ambitious person should do especially in this century where Science and Technology advancements are daily making room for people to showcase what they do, thereby getting job opportunities through it.

If that is the case, why then should a Freelancer (part time/full time) invest in his/her career this year?

1. To be serious: Investing in your freelance career is how you don’t only show yourself serious, but it is how you also sell a serious image of your freelance career to all potential clients. Sometimes, your level of investments in what you do is how people learn to take you seriously.

2. To grow, be better at what you do and to keep yourself updated: Yes, man is only a product of what he/she is opened to! That is, what a man delivers goes a long way in telling how much he/she knows. So as a Freelancer, investing in your craft/career keeps you constantly growing and also prepares you for a better version of yourself as you daily get yourself updated in the business of what you do and how to do it well.

3. To be unlimited: this is more like an elaboration on number 1. When a Freelancer invests in his/her career, it helps in breaking limitations. You’re no longer restricted when it comes to doing whatever in your area of Freelance. For example, a Freelance Writer who is daily committed to investing in the career can become versatile. He/she no longer becomes limited to one type of writing. There is room to be a Content Creator/Writer, Screenwriter, Poet and more. It means, investing increases your ability to know it all and do it all. You’re no longer a one-direction Freelancer who only knows little to nothing about other parts of writing that he/she is not interested in and with that, you become unlimited in opportunities.

4. To be organized: Yes, investing in your freelance career keeps you organised. When you invest in something, you are left with no choice but to constantly work towards its growth and maturation and that’s what happens when you invest in your Freelancer career; idleness no longer becomes an option. You don’t give clients less priority; you don’t just quit and decide when to start again. Achieving set goals become a drive.

5. To be technology and social-media aware: This is one that may sound ridiculous but it’s not. We are in a century that gives no room for mediocrity neither does it allow any Freelancer to be careless with his/her career. That is, this century, through technology and social media has given every Freelancer the opportunity to invest in his/her career without a cost. A Freelancer should maximize the social media when others simply use it for something else.

How do you investing in yourself?

1. By getting yourself fully kitted with your freelance tools: sometimes, we need to do this one after the other and take it slow but as a Freelancer, you should never ignore any moment to update your working tools and also ensure that they are in good shape. It is also important that you make do with the little you have and with time, consistency and hard work, you will definitely be able to buy a better upgrade. I’m more about if it’s still working, keep it unless it’s not. Don’t chase upgrade to look upgrade. Everything has seasons.

Reading: Freelancers should be readers. It doesn’t matter what kind of Freelance. There are lots of books on how to be a better Freelancer in that area of your choice written by people who are doing or have done what you’re doing. So it won’t be a bad idea to read and know how they managed to build a name for themselves and what they did or are doing to stay relevant. Freelance books are not over-hyped.

Being sensitive: Yea, a Freelancer should be sensitive – to opportunities, social revolution, technological advancements, work tools and updates, etc. as it concerns your field. Being sensitive inspires you to take advantage of things that come your way; it’s how you know what application people use now that makes work easy; it’s how you know social media is not all about pictures and ridiculous posts alone but you can showcase your work on those platforms.

Networking: That’s right! A Freelancer should love networking and sometimes, networking does come through your work portfolio. Showcasing your works out there by doing jobs and taking opportunities to help you network. You can network by recommendation. It means working for A can make you know B and B may lead you to C and your audience can even help you network and make some connections.

In conclusion, investments may take time to yield returns but returns are certain if we stay positive and don’t give up! It may look like you’re doing everything and it’s staying same but that’s not true! Keep taking the shots and investing in your Freelance career, it’ll work out beyond your expectations.


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