The professionalism business cards add to brands is something that can never be overemphasized. Business cards are a small piece of paper that conveniently reflects the image of your brand and act as the icing on the caking of your freelance company’s brand story. It’s the second most important thing to own as a freelancer, the first being your ability to pitch your ideas and services to potential clients. It’s a cushion that further helps you create a strong, lasting impression on your clients and serves as a portable portfolio for your brand.

Investing in a quality business card is very essential if you have to own something that would compensate you overtime. Cheap business cards or online engine generative cards are not the best choices ever as it has limited use of templates, designs, and color palettes, that is so easy to spot and differentiate from quality crafted ones.

Business card vector created by Starline – Freepik.com

When choosing the design, template, and color of your cards, it’s important to note what a good freelance card should have. The 5 most important things to include in a freelance business card are:

Company Name & Logo

Your business card should contain your business name or company name. It should also contain your brand’s logo design. A logo design acts as the pictorial depiction of your brand story. It is easier to remember and it can draw emotions from prospects towards your brand. If your business has no logo design, try and get one as soon as possible. It does nothing but helps create a good impression to your clients and draws their trust towards your brand.

Contact Information

A Business card has to have a secure means of reaching you. It can include a phone number, a mail account (preferably yahoo mail or Gmail), and an office address if any. You don’t have to include every means of contacting you. It’s a business card, not a personal memo. Leave out things that you don’t feel comfortable adding and always keep it short and simple.

Brief Description

A potential client should be able to tell what you do, the services you offer and what position you occupy in the business. It should be short but detailed enough to pass the most important information of what you offer.

Social Media Accounts

Include your social media accounts in your business card. It can be your LinkedIn and Twitter or your Google account. This makes you more credible and your business more transparent as people view online visibility the same way they view having a workshop or an office where people can find you easily.


Quality is everything. Great attention needs to be paid on the outline, design, and template for the design of the card. Choose a modern design and let the writing style be legible and flair. Having a quality business card allows your brand to be taken seriously.
There is always the need to leave enough white space for readability and less clustering of words. This is how you create a second impression; how you leave a mark with your prospective clients.


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