Resumes are like toolboxes. For every job you are applying for or pitching, you have to pick the right tools that perfectly fit the job description. Your resume must have a tissue of numbers and facts and should be simple and flair. The secret to writing a great resume is in knowing your clients or the company or the person hiring you for a job. The second secret is in perfecting your resume to show that you are the most suitable for a particular job.

Tips to remember when writing a Resume:

  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Start off with strong and clear statements.
  • Pick a modern design template to make your Resume unique with a great visual appeal.
  • Make sure you include every skill you have, that may be important to what your clients would be looking for.
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Guidelines to writing a Creative Resume

  • Learn about your target audience, the niche to what your resume would its services and gather all available notes and keys to what is needed to fill in your resume.
  • Create a folder of your personal details based on your skills, abilities, and strong attributes. Be very specific with your skills, as skills like analyzing, communicating and networking are something most people can do.
  • Write out all your general skills and select the strong ones from the list. Relate them to be more specific and result oriented. Example; Instead of saying “Good Negotiator” – Say “Good in establishing sales prices for products, establishing salary figures and developing contract and deed terms”.
  • Write out your personal characteristics, these are your soft skills. Select the ones that best fit who you are. They don’t necessarily have to be on your resume but they help you in ascertain the best skills to elaborate on. Skills like honest, ambitious, intelligent, loyal, tactful, willingness to learn, thorough, adaptable, etc.
  • List your achievements with strong words and flair grammar.
  • Include your educational achievements and certifications if any or cite your online publications or a website where some of your work portfolio can be accessed.
  • Create a creative brief; these are samples of work you have done for other clients. There can be a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 10 samples.

Organization of Words

  • Always keep it short and simple.
  • Divide the information on the resume into different areas; short bio, objectives, skills, education & work history, and certification.
  • Emphasize on result oriented words and productivity.
  • Be specific.
  • List your experiences in a chronological manner.

You can make a draft of your resume as many times as you want, till it feels perfect to you, your corporate brand and personal brand.


Don’t be reluctant to make as many drafts as you can for your resume. There would always be time to edit and re-edit them. When you are certain your final draft is the best draft there is, choose a template for the resume and make sure it is a modernly styled template.


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