5 alternative freelance websites

If you’re a freelancer, you’re probably quite familiar with platforms like Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr and the like. Maybe you’re even using one of them, but are you getting commensurate value for your subscription.  Not to mention the fact that most of the jobs on these platforms are underpaid because everyone who drops a bid tries to underbid the others. In most cases, the person giving the job would go for those who can do it for the cheapest price. Not to mention the particular preferences of these foreign clients who may have issues with service delivery of Nigerian freelancers, especially when in those early stages. So, this article will be presenting a list of 5 alternative freelance websites for Nigerians.

  1. JustFrom5K

This is a fully indigenous freelancing platform where you can obtain the services of graphic designers, web programmers, marketers, real estate agents, social media managers, household chores assistants, etc. If you’re in need of someone to perform a task, you only need to create an account, post the job you want done, then wait for competitive bids so you can choose the one to go for. Freelancers can also sign up, create a profile and receive new job alerts straight to their email so they can bid for them. The platform also ensures to verify the identity of all users, freelancers and clients. Not to mention that it also guarantees refund if you’re not satisfied with the job.



  1. Miduman

There’s also Miduman. Like what its name implies, it primarily serves as a middleman between the client and the freelancer. You can get freelancers in music, writing, digital marketing, IT & programming, graphics design and so much more. It also comes with the refund policy if the client is not satisfied with the job.  It seems to be largely dominated by tech freelancers, based on the highlighted jobs on its home page. The rates for these jobs are however quite pocket-friendly and competitive. People are getting Jumia-like apps for as low as N35,000; social media posters for N2,500; messenger chatbots for N10,000, and WordPress website creation and hosting for as low N30,000. This platform can also be considered very freelancer friendly, as allows him to state his price upfront, rather than cutting it down just to get a job.


  1. Jolancer

This platform works like Miduman in the sense that it allows the freelancer fix his rates. But unlike Miduman, its dominated by writers based on the number of job postings on the platform. They are over 260 writing gigs as opposed to 85 for web design.  As is conventional, freelancers would register on the platform, post their skills, services, rate and wait for a prospective client to get in contact with them. Once a client is secured, the freelancer must work to deliver on the contract for service, the client reviews, accepts, and pays in full for the service. There’s also the possibility that the freelancer might get a full-time position with the client if he is sufficiently impressed with the quality of his work.




  1. FindWorka

This freelance platform is expressly calibrated for the tech community. According to its website, it helps to supply development talent to build software products. It operates with a more direct role in the as it assigns tasks from its clients to its pool of freelancers. Its service lines range from web, android/iOS app development, product design, graphic design, project management, front and back end development, UI/UX development and so much more. It initially started in 2016 as a platform for hiring artisans and semi-skilled workers.  By 2017, it had evolved into a digital services-only freelance platform where users could hire freelancers across diverse fields. Today, it focuses on offering software products and services to companies.


  1. SourceGig

Last but definitely not least on our list is SourceGig. Another indigenous freelancing platform where buyers and sellers of freelance services can meet. Some of its major gigs include content development, graphic illustration and web development. Their focus is on start-ups, connecting the best quality services in the above fields and more. They don’t leave it to the freelancers on their platform to bid for jobs posted. Once an employer posts a job, they suggest the best freelancers based on the specifications of the job in question. The employer can then hire and pay with the reassurance that SourceGig has suggested the very best people for his job. He also gets to read reviews from real people who most likely were previous clients of the freelancer in question


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