6 things that Happen when you don’t Manage your Time

The Nigerian Guide to Job Search Outline: Getting the right skills Getting the right experiences Getting your CV ready Targeting companies Best Nigerian job sites Basics of a Cover Letter Basics of a cold pitch Preparing for an interview Followup tips Keeping your job.

Time management is something that we all want to learn one or two things about.  I think one of the most asked questions when it comes to issues concerning productivity is 'how can one simply manage one's time more effectively'? We are all concerned about making the best use of our time and making sure we …


4 Ways to get Freelance Gigs Offline

4 Ways to get Freelance Gigs Offline

Sometimes when we hear about getting freelance jobs, the thing that comes to our mind is getting them online. However, do you know that you can get lots of freelance jobs offline as well? I got some of my freelance jobs offline, and you too can! However, whenever you are preparing to go out and …