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African Freelancers Contributors’ Guidelines

African Freelancers Contributors’ Guidelines

Thank you so much for your interest, we appreciate writers who take out time to write for us.

African Freelancers is an online platform for freelancers in Africa; whether you are a freelance writer, photographer, social media manager, blogger, graphic designer, artist, and so on.

The platform came up as a result of the unavailability of an online community for freelancers in Africa to promote their works, get tips and resources for realities obtainable in the freelance community in Africa.

And so, our contributors would contribute with the aim of offering tips, resources, useful insights for freelancers in Africa.

Here are our writing guidelines:

  1. Write a minimum of 500 words per article.
  2. Write a plagiarism-free article.
  3. Write an article of value and relevance to freelancers.
  4. Keep grammar and spelling errors to minimum.
  5. Articles published should not be published elsewhere.
  6. Any works cited should be properly attributed.
  7. Don’t worry about the picture, we would sort that out.

To become a contributor, kindly send a mail to

Note: This is an unpaid position; it is voluntary-based, thank you.