Some Days are Dull

How Should a Freelancer Deal with Dry Spells? As much as there are days filled with jobs, jobs and more jobs, there are also some terribly dry days in freelancing. One freelancer calls it the land of Peaks and Pits. The peaks are those never –ending days filled with jobs, while the pits are those …


Branding 101 for Freelancers

Branding 101 for Freelancers

Many companies today can be described in one sentence sometimes even a word. You name a company and a picture comes straight to your mind, this is the effect of branding. These companies have worked over the years to develop their brand, by painting themselves in a particular manner so that the public will associate …

Don’t be scared of putting yourself out there – Adebisi Adewusi

Don’t be scared of putting yourself out there - Adebisi Adewusi

Adebisi Adewusi is a freelance writer and photographer. While she writes on various issues, she is particularly interested in issues relating to gender, feminism and social justice. Her writings have appeared in The Huffington Post, SheLeadsAfrica, Circumspecte, Okay Player and Okay Africa. She is a permanent writer at African Feminism and blogs weekly on issues …

What’s your Favourite Freelance Job Site?

What's your Favourite Freelance Job Site?

Dear freelancer, it is time for us to help each other in this freelance business! Let us support each other. Drop a link of your favourite freelance job site below so that others can benefit! You too can find out about new cool ones you never knew about! Let's do this!