7 Online Portfolio Websites Freelancers can use

As a freelancer, you will agree that one of the things you need to do is to have samples of your work well-stored or kept. 

7 Online Portfolio Websites Freelancers can use

Without keeping or storing samples of your work, you might not be able to show clients what you have done in the past.

There are so many benefits of having a portfolio as a freelancer, and you can read about them by clicking here, and also see the types of portfolios we have.

Benefits of using an online portfolio website:

  • You can add the URL of your online portfolio to your applications when applying for jobs.
  • You can easily share links to your online portfolio.
  • Online portfolios are easily customizable.
  • It is convenient for clients to check your works on your online portfolio, etc.

This article takes a look at some useful online portfolio websites for freelancers. It is important to note that most of these online portfolio websites have a free plan for users, which can accommodate a good number of documents, files, or URLs; and then they have a paid plan to be able to accommodate more and give your portfolio more features.

And so, here are some of the online portfolio websites freelancers can use:

  1. Clippings.me: this portfolio website is very useful for writers. On clippings.me, you can customize your page to suit your taste, you can add your biography and include links to your social media profile too. In addtion, there is the free plan, the premium plan, and the unbranded plan. On clippings.me, you can add links to your written works that are already published online, you can upload pdf files, etc. The free plan of Clippings.me allows you to add up to 10 clippings of your work. However, with the other plans, you have options to add more clippings of your work and get some other benefits, not in the free plan.
  2. Journo Portfolio: Journo Portfolio has a free plan, a plus plan, and a pro plan. With the free plan, you can add 10 articles, while with other plans you can add more and also get other benefits for your portfolio. On Journo Portfolio, as a freelance writer, you can store your published works in your portfolio. You can also customize the themes of the portfolio, and so on. Here, you can upload URLs, PDFs, or images.
  3. Pressfolios: with Pressfolios, you can gather, organize, present, and save your works online. There is the free plan where you can add up to 12 stories, the lite plan where you can add up to 250 stories, and the unlimited plan where you can add an unlimited amount of stories. This portfolio website is useful for journalists, bloggers, writers, media professionals, etc. to store their works online.
  4. Writer Folio: this is an online writing portfolio website for writers. It is simple and easy to use. Before you pay for using the portfolio, you can try the free demo. In addition, you can customize your portfolio as well.
  5. Portfoliobox: on Portfoliobox, artists, designers, architects, photographers, etc. can make use of this portfolio website. It is easy to use, and you can also set up your e-commerce in your portfolio on the site. This portfolio website has a lot of benefits people who need a comprehensive online portfolio. There is the free plan and the pro plan.
  6. CrevadoCrevado is easy to use, you can also easily sell your works online using Crevado. Artists, illustrators, photographers, and so on can use Crevado. Crevado is free to use, and you can also upgrade your plan to a paid one.
  7. Behance: with Behance, you can showcase your works online, create projects, and so on. In addition, clients can hire people for jobs on Behance.

Do you use online portfolio websites? What online portfolio websites do you use? Please feel free to share with us in the comment box below.

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