9 African Websites Freelancers can get Jobs

One of the things freelancers look out for concerning their freelance career, is how to get good clients who need their professional services and want to hire them.

9 African Websites Freelancers can get Jobs


As a freelancer, you will know that there are so many ways you can get freelance jobs, and one of such ways is getting freelance jobs through freelance job sites and websites that provide freelancers with the opportunity to get jobs.

Do you know that there are a number of freelance job sites in Africa, as well as African websites that freelancers can get jobs?

Below are some of the African websites freelancers can get jobs from:

  1. Nairalance: Nairalance is a Nigerian freelance job site providing opportunities for freelancers to get jobs and work remotely. Freelancers can also advertise what they do and how much they charge for the services on Nairalance. Clients can easily get freelancers to get freelance jobs done for them on Nairalance. Graphic designers, writers, programmers, etc can get jobs on Nairalance.
  2. Yaalda: on Yaalda, clients can easily find, hire, and manage African freelancers. On Yaalda, clients can post projects, and freelancers can find freelance jobs. Writers, web developers, designers, etc. can get freelance jobs on Yaalda.
  3. Sourcegig: on Sourcegig, clients can post jobs, while freelancers can find jobs. Freelancers can bid for freelance jobs also. Sourcegig is directed at helping clients find freelancers for content development, graphic illustration, digital and web development jobs.
  4. Asuqu: on Asuqu, as client, you can get professionals to help you with your jobs, and as a freelancer, you can offer people your professional services. Clients can get professionals in the area of writing and communication, branding, photography, sales and marketing, etc.
  5. 1task1job: 1task1job is an outsourcing platform where people can find freelance jobs, and where clients can hire freelancers. The website helps to connect qualified youths in Africa to business and entrepreneurs.
  6. Kuhustle: on Kuhustle, clients can get experts to help them with their projects in the area of content marketing, business consulting, mobile app development, and so on. Clients can also get quotes for the work they experts to help them with.
  7. Gigs Nigeria: Gigs Nigeria is a small job and freelance website for freelancers in Nigeria. Here, Nigerian freelancers can get freelance jobs, and also post their services.
  8. NoSweat Work: NoSweat is a South African online platform that helps to connect freelancers with companies. It is a website that helps freelancers get freelance jobs.
  9. 54 artistry: on 54 artistry, freelancers can also get their jobs promoted and clients can hire them for the services. Whether you are a caterer, an architect, a writer, a web developer, etc. your works can be promoted and clients can also hire you.

Have you tried anyone of them out? How was the experience? Do you know other African sites freelancers can get jobs? Let us know in the comment box below! Thank you.

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2 Replies to “9 African Websites Freelancers can get Jobs”

  1. Thank you for this post. It shows many websites and I am eager to try a few of them out. I am hoping for the best results. I will surely post feedback here. This is helpful. Thank You


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