10 Unique tips to get more blog traffic for your website!

When discussing the word traffic in the world of blogging or in general, as pertaining to social media, it doesn’t imply roadside traffic or the famous traffic along the streets of Lagos. While these ones aren’t productive and are situations which you would do everything in your power to avoid, website traffic is exactly the opposite. Which website doesn’t it’s owner love to have traffic being driven to his or her posts? Have you noticed that sometimes, even seemingly normal or even uninteresting posts seem to gather more traffic than even your soulful, impactful posts?

You then begin to wonder what they are doing right- or in fact, what it is that you are doing wrong to make you the recipient of only trickles of website traffic. If you have ever faced this dilemma of paucity in website traffic, these tips are just right for you:
Unique Tip 1: Refurbish your headlines
You have only a few seconds to either engage a reader or a surfer of the net, or to dissuade him or her from continuing rummaging your work, if for instance, you end up tying this person down, he or she might end up going from post to post, creating, even more, traffic for other posts, which weren’t the primary reason for the visit. What catches a reader’s attention first? Your headline. Your topic. Your subject matter.
Many a writer would find it easy to ignore the headline of a post and then focus heavily on the content of that post, forgetting that the headline is what would make the reader either to continue or to stay away from your write-up. Your headlines cannot be wishy-washy, or an afterthought, they have to be deliberate and catchy enough to make others want to read further than the headline. In other words, you ought to create a thirst in your readers through your headlines.
Unique Tip 2: Cross-Link Your Posts

When you make related posts, linking them to one another not only does wonders in widening the horizon of your reader, it also helps in creating a strong influx of traffic to your site.

Unique Tip 3: Have a column on a well-known website

If you become a columnist on a well-known site, your status instantly changes. Now, you become known as one of the authority figures in your field, since of course, you now run a column on a very well-known site. This also ultimately drives more traffic to your own site
Unique Tip 4: More Content, More Traffic
How much content are you currently putting out on your blog? Research has shown that if you increase blogging by one day- e.g. if you start posting 6 times per week instead of 5 times, you might have as much as an increment in your page views by as much as one-fifth of what it used to be. In other words, more content drives a greater amount of traffic.
Unique Tip 5: Study your analytics, and focus more on what works for you!
There have been some posts which people vote more in favor of or would rather subscribe to. What are you doing about such posts? In my opinion, you should study these posts and the similarities amongst them that make them so valuable to readers. As a matter of fact, months later, some of these posts are still generating a lot of traffic! If you can create more of these kinds of posts, of course, you would get even more traffic to your website.
Unique Tip 6: Keyword-ing
The thing about traffic is that it not only depends on your content but as well, it depends heavily upon your strategy for publicizing that content. This is where the use of keywords come in. every significant word in your post should be highlighted as keywords and as such, anyone who wants to find such a post can easily locate your post- which helps you to solve their problems, and at the same time, to generate more traffic for your site.
Unique Tip 7: Utilize the power of social media platforms

With the proper use of social media, you can rapidly grow your audience; you can create a steady influx of readers to your site if you keep on sharing reminders about your new posts via various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit and so on.
Unique Tip 8: Have space for guest posts by well-known bloggers or individuals
When someone whom people are drawn towards hearing for reason of the impact which they have made in whatever the industry we are talking about, there would most likely be an increase in traffic. The generation of more traffic is directly linked to having someone write on your site, whom others would like to hear speak.

Unique Tip 9: Categorize your content- it’s good for SEO
When content is categorized, it helps in conserving time, what I mean is that a reader doesn’t have to keep sorting out other content before he or she reaches the one that is intriguing enough for the person. When there are proper categories, this process is faster and helps you to get more traffic, quite easily.
Unique Tip 10: Interview Influencers
When you are privileged to meet someone who is an influencer in your field or within your niche, it behooves you to interview them- if only for the abundant traffic that it would generate for your blog, in terms of people being interested in what they have to say, and as well, holding you in high esteem for being able to interview such a ‘powerful’ person. That impression alone is a potent traffic-builder! You could also make something special about such interviews by ensuring that they answer pertinent questions within your niche- making everyone to look forward to these interviews.



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