How I Plan to Earn $100 Per Day in this Six Months Challenge

Last week, I told you how I was able to set up this affiliate marketing blog where I review anabolic testosterone boosters. So far, I have not made any other sale from my blog other than the first one which I said that I earned 13 euros. Well, I have not been sleeping on my job. I am still working hard on getting a strategy to sell more.

I have decided to come out public with my strategy so that I may help another affiliate marketer who is trying to build up their site and content. Also, I figured out that if my strategy is not good enough, some seasoned affiliate marketer will be able to point out what I am doing wrong and help me out.

How I Plan to Earn $100 Per Day in Six Months Challenge

The Objective

I have come to realize that if I optimize my website well enough, I will be able to get great organic traffic from search engines. The top affiliate marketer at Moreniche last week had an average 10,000 visits per day. Out of the 10,000 visitors, he made 100 sales and smiled all the way to the bank with $2710. In one day! To get this kind of crazy Google traffic, I need to have great and optimized content, invest a lot of time in backlinking as well as social media marketing.

My dream is that in four to six months’ time, my website will be within the top 3 Google pages for the keywords I will be ranking for. I aim to earn a constant $100 per day when that is done.

So here is my strategy

Content Building

You must have read this awesome article that was penned by our awesome Peju Aboye on how to get more blog traffic for your website. Well, I will surely be using most of her tips because I believe that they are actionable and effective. Besides that I will do the following:

  1. I will try to write at least 2 blog posts per week on my website with juicy content. To do this, I will use and Google news to get topic ideas that will help me build viral content.
  2. I will scrap through the Internet to get an expired domain which I will make my Private Blog Network (PBN) where I will be back linking my website so as to gain authority in the eyes of Google.


Back linking

  1. Make 20 comments per day on leading websites that talk about men’s health and leave my website URL in every comment I make.
  2. Write at least 5 answers per day that are asking about anabolic testosterone products and leave a backlink to my site
  3. Translate my site to Yoruba and Afrikaans languages so that I can publish about my website products on Yoruba and Afrikaans Wikipedia pages. I have already done so with Swahili Wikipedia pages and have recorded amazing improvements on my Google rankings.
  4. Guest post on leading websites such as , , and magazine. In my posts, I will talk about men’s health and sneak in my website URL as a backlink to get link juice.

Earn Subscribers

I will create a Pinterest account and post on men’s health. I already have a Facebook page and Twitter account dedicated for my website.

Attract subscribers with a free dietary ebook and in the process, ask for their email addresses for email marketing. Currently, I am yet to have an email marketing software. I will, however, use Mailchimp which has a free version till I get my first 2000 subscribers.


Let’s get the ball rolling. I will continually be updating you on my progress through African Freelancers Facebook page. I will create some Excel worksheets with daily plans of what I wish to do per day.







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